Is active gaming with motion sensing controllers a bad thing?

Speaking at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, Lionhead Studios head honcho Peter Molyneux asked a fair question on the minds of many who have actually played Nintendo’s new console: Will it make me tired?

But before you jump all over the guy, know that he was asking the question to motivate developers NOT to take the easy way with the controller. “I think it’s a more creative medium. It’s not turning a controller into a sword… You cannot do it for 20 hours,” he said. Ouch, don’t tell that to Miyamoto.

As I said, Molyneux sees vast potential in the new control sheme — so long as developers do not take the easy way out (something, unfortunately, we will all have to deal with during the initial phase of the Wii). He also said there’s no doubt that controllers are changing, and they’re changing really fast. Apparently Sony didn’t get the memo.

Molyneux said he “believes developers must think creatively when working out how we are going to change games – it’s not the obvious solution, it’s clearly more subtle. I think the DS proves that. What I’ve found really fascinating is not using stylus to scribble with, but using it in a very clever, innovational way.” That works for me. Anyone else worried about getting tired?