New Nintendo Game At Jump Festa

From The Magic Box:”Nintendo announced they will participate in the Jump Festa 2006 event in Japan on December 17 – 18, the company will showcase Mario Party 7 (GC) and Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS), plus a new game title.”

OMG! Mario 128?! Oh, i’m just teasin’.

[Source: BGB]


  1. ooh, jupm fiesta!

    whatz that?

  2. It’ll probably just be an announcement of the “new” game Metroid Prime: Hunters.

    Or Excitebike 128.

  3. Maybe it will be Miyamoto’s new IP…

    Buuut remember they are focusing on the DS for christmas, will probably be trying to sell that.

  4. Pokemon Daimond/Pearl !!!!!!

  5. yeah Mario Party 128, wait couple yrs why dont ya? (-_-)zzzZZZ

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