Top 10 Things That Annoy Me About the Wii


Over the past two years the Wii, and by extension Nintendo, has enjoyed immense success. Massive sales, new avenues of consumer adoption, grannies boxing grannies, and soccer moms getting fit on a video game controller–it’s all here, and the impact is undeniable.

Why then, I ask, am I still so annoyed with this amazing machine?

Before I jump headfirst into flame land, however, here’s a brief explainer about what’s NOT on the list, and why.

First, shovelware. Like the PS2 and DS before it, the Wii is seemingly inundated with crappy titles, but that’s not going to be in this top 10. Why? Because no one is forced to buy shovelware. However, you are forced to endure the Wii Home screen load animation, and so it is on the list. Ditto for HD graphics, because I play the Wii for games, not movie experiences. Besides, Nintendo never advertised the system as an HD machine, so it would be selfish and exceedingly stupid to be annoyed about something that was never promised to me in the first place.

But enough about me, let’s bash the Wii, shall we?

10. Returning to the Wii Menu Screen.
Pack a bale of breadcrumbs, fellas, because this is going to be one long, confusing journey. Will the menu screen load up quickly, or should I make a sandwich? Honestly, sometimes when I leave the weather channel, or return to the main menu after a round of River City Ransom, my system hangs for a little while before those little black and white Wii rectangles cascade across the screen and return me home. Only the length of a Metal Gear Solid 4 cutscene is worse—but just barely. I thought one of those firmware updates from a while back was supposed to supposed to speed things up? No? Is my Wii too dusty?

9. Entering my CC details every time I add Wii Points.
Come on, Ninty. I realize this is the safety system, but I am quite sure the majority of the American populace is comfortable with the idea of having a web site saving their personal info. This is especially true if the system in question resides in my own house! I don’t *entirely* mind typing things in with the IR pointer, because I make a little game out of it (I live a sad, sad life, my friends), but I’ve been told by the powers that be that this is something that needs a fix, STAT.

8. Sunlight keeps raining on my IR sensor parade.
Does that even make sense? I think it borders on a horrible mixed metaphor, but who cares—I want my Wii to work in the early morning hours, when the sunlight pours into our bay windows! Is there a firmware update in the works that gives my Wiimote some sunscreen protection? Seriously, this was an issue that was alluded to in the days before the Wii launched in 2006, and it’s still an issue now. If you have a sunny gaming room, you’re going to have wonky IR pointer controls. Don’t bother playing Zack and Wiki between the hours of 9 and 5. Free advice: Invest heavily in dark curtains, and go goth. Your IR pointer games and menus will thank you.

7. Batteries.
It’s AA hell at my place, once a month, which is kind of like a period in that they both deny me something. Sorry, too offensive? Well so is having to trek to CVS every month to buy a big ol’ batch of AA batteries. This isn’t the future, Nintendo! Go back in time and give me something similar to the Nyko recharging station from day one, in the package, for the same $250 price point, and I’ll forgive you. I guess I’ll have to, since you were time traveling and all, and I’d never know the difference.

6. Dirt.
White is hip. I get it. But I think the gunk that accumulates in the crevasses of my Wiimote is about as cool and hip as a tall glass of AIDS. This leads into another point–where the heck are the alternate color schemes? I’m not about to dress my Wiimotes up in some cheap GameStop-branded controller cover knock off, but an official Nintendo line of official new colors is tempting. By extension, this gripe also applies to the Wii Balance Board, which I affectionately call Pig Pen now. And this isn’t because I’m some sort of slob. No, in fact, I am actually quite American Psycho clean, and yet I’m still there, every other week, digging out grime from my controllers, the Wii itself, and the Balance Board.

5. Returning to the menu screen, continued.
This gripe is applicable to the Nintendo DS as well. Every tried to change the menu settings on that portable and then return to the menu? You can’t. The system makes you turn it off. Pointless. Just like changing the channel on the Wii. “It’s like the Wii reboots every time you do something on it,” said Infendo’s own managing editor and podcast ninja, David. I agree, but I’m not sure this is easily fixable—if at all.

4. Lack of graphical efforts (by third parties).
There’s just something about Nintendo systems that stifle third party developers for the first two years of their existence. It’s like their secret developer decoder rings are set to A=B when Nintendo is set to A=C. The slight discrepancy is just that, slight, but it means the end result is a disaster. Nintendo is an incredible developer/publisher, but the complaints from 3rd party developers can only go so far. Time and time again Nintendo has proven that great graphics are entirely doable on the system, and yet we still get half-assed ports. Since 3rd party games are a large part of any console’s ecosystem, we are stuck with this, so it made the list. Here’s hoping Conduit and other ambitious efforts represent the turning tide we know is coming, thanks in part to the history of the DS and Nintendo’s own first party efforts thus far.

3. Storage.
Having an SD card slot does not a fully-capable, pick-up-and-play system make. This topic’s been done to death over the past 6 months, especially after WiiWare’s big splash in May, so I won’t dwell too much on it here. In short, there’s more to it that just what “geeks and otaku” say, and I imagine this will be addressed in some way, shape or form at E3. I hope, because I’m not entirely sure Nintendo understands this issue as much as it thinks it does.

2. No DVD case for Wii Sports.
In a household where the significant other thinks it is acceptable to store the previous DVD in the system bottom-side up on the TV stand, lacking a case for Wii Sports is an insult to injury. While Wii Sports launch is now but a distant memory, the lack of a proper DVD case for it is like an niggling back injury that flares up randomly for the rest of your life. It’s annoying, forced upon all American Wii owners without explanation, and hence, makes the list. Well, I suppose it’s environmentally sound, but whatever. Look, something shiny!

1. The mess.
Accessories, accessories, accessories. And no where to put them. This one is a love-hate relationship item. I like the Wii Wheels I own, and the Balance Board, and the Classic Controller and nunchucks, but I’m having trouble keeping them untangled and neat, as my OCD personality requires. It would appear the days of my neatly coiled NES rectangles are long gone. The era of accessories is upon us (right, EA?).

Bonus Round!!! Cue the airplane scenes from Jaws on the NES…

0. Friend Codes. ’nuff said (but here to stay)

-1. The news page time-outs.
You don’t check your news every day, like a religious little Nintendo zealot? Well, too bad then, because the system can’t be bothered with keeping the scrolling headlines up to date. You’ll have to log back in and endure a loading screen. At least that cute little cat makes an appearance, and by the time you’re done reading his useless little tip, the loading is over. Too bad I hate cats.


  1. I agree with many of the points you make, particularly how the menu screen’s loading time is so slow and like David said, it’s as if the machine reboots to run the chosen game. This is understandable for GCN games, but not any of the others.

    I don’t agree with the batteries. Get yourself some rechargeable AA batteries and be done. I haven’t used alkaline batteries in my remotes since the included batteries died.

  2. all true. not to mention the LACK OF VOICE CHAT! and am i the only one that pushed the home button when in game and would lvoe to see THE TIME on that screen… come on it MUST do more than EXIT TO MENU!

  3. I agree with all of these points, well done! I would add just one more….

    “Motion controls that actually work!”

  4. 10. Never really happens to me.
    9. Agreed. I wish they held my account info. But it protects privacy.
    8. Not a problem for me. Besides, who’d want a bunch of sunlight pouring in over their TV in the first place?
    7. I bought some rechargables at Radio Shack four years ago. They still work. Best investment in gaming so far… plus it’s more environmentally friendly.
    6. Your Wii gets dirty? I’ve dusted mine once in the 2 years I’ve had it… looks as good as new.
    5. I don’t mind.
    4. Absolutely. Shovelware is inevitable. Lazyware is inexcusable.
    3. Totally agree. Nintendo WTF are you thinking?
    2. You can get DVD cases at Staples. If you really care, you can scan the sleeve, work a little photoshop magic and print a new insert to make it match the other wii games in your library.
    1. I hate the mess too. Got a small rubbermaid bin I keep behind the TV for all the crap.
    0. Like the storage issue… Nintendo WTF are you thinking?
    -1. I like cats… not a problem for me. Plus if you leave your Wiiconnect on, it’s always up to date.

  5. I agree with 3, 4, 10, but alot of this is really just being nitpicky.

    In retrospect I’m glad the wii is white, I bought a black DS and the bastard always shows up all the dust and fingermarks and makes me
    wish I got a white one.

    I have never had sunlight interfere with my sensor bar.

    The CC thing is /really/ nitpicking.

    Batteries aren’t an issue with a recharger or some good rechargeable batteries.

    My Australian launch Wii came with Wii Sports in a nice standard wii DVD case.

  6. GAAAH, The no case for Wii Sports annoys me to no end.

  7. I agree for the most part but there’s 3 things I defenitley disagree with. AA batteries actually are better imo, they cost less than a fancy custom li ion battery and chances are if you have any other fancy tech stuff you have a few rechargables laying around, if not you can go buy 4 batteries and a charger for 20 pretty much anywhere. As for the light issue, there is no fix for it, it’s just a problem with the design that cannot be overcome, Nintendo knew it but there’s nothing that can be done about it. Just pull your blinds, it’s nit like it has to be pitch dark to work anyways. As for the credit card issue, it’s an understandable annoyance, I can see why parents wouldn’t want to even accidentally be able to let their kids go and buy all the games they want.

  8. “But enough about me, let’s bash the Wii, shall we?”

    Oh man, you made my day.

    10. This sounds like nitpicking, sorry. It’s not a big deal, especially when compared to some of the Wii’s over problems.

    9. I really don’t know. I’ve always purchased my Wii points at a Game store, so I don’t know how annoying this is.

    8. Not a big deal, this is barely a Wii problem; everybody knows you are not supposed to put your TV where it will receive heavy sunlight, as that would make it harder to play/watch.

    7. Yes, this is fairly annoying. I usually buy a big batch of AA’s from Walgreens. I think everybody should just use a recharge station or batteries. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn’t fond of third parties making stuff that SUPPORTS their system.

    6. Annoying, but nothing worth complaining about.

    5. But is it the worst of our problems?

    4. THANK YOU. This one I can’t stress enough.

    3. Why do people say we NEED a harddrive? All Nintendo has to do is make it so you can play games right from your SD card, and that’s it. You’re good to go.

    2. Why are you ranting about this when you could be ranting about
    no online play for Wiisports.

    1. I can’t stand this neither. Though not because I’m OCD, but because I hate how the Wiimote was supposed to be “all we needed” but now they have all this other crap.

    0. Yes I know. Even the Dreamcast didn’t have these, and it came out in 1998. Congratulations Nintendo, your online is more than 10 years behind everybody else.

    -1. I’d be ranting more about how the shop channels crashes or glitches up every time I use it, or how turning on the Wii causes my internet crash 3 or 4 times while the Wii is running!!

    Isn’t there much worse stuff to bash the Wii for?? I mean, this is all just nit-picking.

  9. Top 10 things that annoy me about this article…

    10. Why is everyone in such a goddamn hurry these days?
    9. No I don’t feel safe having my CC info stored out in nowhereland.
    8. Hey, technology isn’t perfect. Try moving your TV if it’s sooo bad.
    7. Buy rechargables. Problem solved.
    6. Maybe you really are a slob. Really though, white or not the dirt is there.
    5. Why is everyone in such a goddamn hurry these days?
    4. Why I have PS3.
    3. Talk like Yoda sick of I am. Storage is not an issue. 3 GB SD card. Only issue is YOU being inconvenienced.
    2. They’re like $.50 cents dude. Is it even worth being annoyed over?
    1. Again…maybe you really are a slob.
    0. You’re lucky you can play online at all. Most people don’t. Especially not on Wii.
    -1. If you want news it’s readily available on something that isn’t a “Game Console”.

    Phew…people whine WAY too much.

  10. Dexter is an amazing forensic scientist, yet he has that tendency to KILL.
    But I do understand many of the little things, like the credit card. I’d also want to save it on the Shop Channel.
    And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t care for the fact that you couldn’t access the Wii menu when playing GCN games, among other things.
    But I forgive my Wii for being a Wii because it’s a Wii.

    P.S. I love it when you mention your OCD, then you misspell would.

    P.P.S. Firefox should have automatically added “Wii” to their dictionary, though I did it manually, so I love Firefox.

  11. Imho, these seem like fairly minor gripes. The loading page time thing was never an issue for me (before I sold my Wii), so I can’t comment on that.

    “‘It’s like the Wii reboots every time you do something on it,’ said Infendo’s own managing editor and podcast ninja, David.”

    It isn’t “like”, it does. And it’s stupid. I think they designed it that way due to hardware limitations. Going back to the Wii Menu for something clears out the memory cache of what it was you were doing a moment ago.

  12. Fun article. Some good points, and some silly nitpicking.

    10. Returning to the Wii Menu Screen.
    5. Returning to the menu screen, continued. — The system really does reboot every time you go back to the main menu screen, and that is why we have that annoying loading time. Annoying? You bet. Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done given the current design (and lack of power). Hopefully Wii 2.0 will improve on this.

    4. Lack of graphical efforts (by third parties). — I think things are starting to improve now that companies realize Wii isn’t just a small fad… either that, or I’m just becoming more delusional and accepting of the endless “lazyware”.

    3. Storage. — My biggest peeve, since they included an SD slot but made it almost completely useless! C’mon Nintendo. Unlock the slot already, and let us use the SD cards for storage. Please don’t tell me your design prevents this SD expansion slot from being useful for anything beyond Photo Channel and Excite Truck soundtracks.

    0. Friend Codes. — Online gaming has been hit-or-miss with the Wii (mostly miss) but things are starting to look up with some automation in Mario Kart, and the alternate online system that EA enjoys using. The only thing I hate about Friend Codes is how pointless they are *without voice chat*!

  13. the battery argument he made is pathetic, just get rechargable batteries, or just get the nyko charge station right from the start

  14. I thought everyone got a DVD case for Wii Sports. I was surprised to see my sister had a cardboard CD sleeve with hers. I didn’t realised the problem was much bigger.
    But I am happy with my Wii Sports DVD case.

    Oh and invest in rechargable batteries. It’ll cost about the same for a pack of 10 and will last a life time. Do the math.

  15. So you own a Wii and yet you can’t afford to install curtains over your window?

    The batteries complain is old. I own 12 AA rechargable batteries (Sony, go figure) I use for 2 Wiimotes, wireless doorbell receiver, stand alone alarm-clock, Wii-Fit and what not. All the batteries and the charger cost $60 and I’ve not bought a new set of batteries in over a year.

  16. Also, when buying Wii points just do so in 5000 intervals. You know you’ll use up 5000 Wii points between VC and Wiiware, so just go ahead and purchase them in bulk. $50 is new game territory, and you can split that into 2 Wiiware (FFCC:MLAK and Lostwinds) and 3-5 VC games (depending on console). I’ve made 3 Wiipoints purchases at said amounts and plan on doing it again on August once I’m back home from a little mid-July vacation time.

  17. The “real” THWhite — I sure as hell hope that last comment of yours (since deleted) wasn’t aimed at me.

    If anything, I’ve responded to any criticisms of me out in the open 100% of the time, and absolutely believe in the importance of leaving my actual information when participating in comment threads.

    I’ll have the fake THWhite comment deleted, no worries, but if you keep it up, you might get the same.

  18. While I’m at it, this site has gone to shit the past couple months. What happened to all the GOOD articles. You’ve resorted to being a bitch.

  19. oops sorry…I didn’t realize.

  20. ehemm….if I may…will the person who likes sucking kindly explain why you like being a sucker.

  21. Wow…I was in a bad mood…now I’m not.

    @Jack…sorry no disrespect. I really do enjoy this site. But it does blow that somebody stole my name and made that remark.

  22. @#8 – Having your tv facing the window makes the game playable, but then again, your tv may have a glare on it so you’re still losing.

    @#2 – You can buy blank Wii and DS game cases from the official Nintendo website. Buy a blank Wii Case, create your own Wii Sports cover, or just blow up a scan of the cardboard case. Throw the manual inside and you’ve got the best thing available to you outside of importing a case.

    Super Secret -2 – Wii needs more games that take advantage of its’ features.


    More games that let us play music from our SD cards.

    Games that have their music and art downloadable to the SD card. (Many games don’t even sale these, so who would it hurt? It shouldn’t be too hard to do.)

    Game or Company Specific Channels.

    Small downloads from game discs to experience smaller pieces of their content easily. For example, being able to have Geometry wars: Retro Evolved on your Wii system memory. You’d be able to play it without disc, but whenever you popped that in, the scores could synch and then of course you’d have Galaxies to play. Being able to pick any single level for downloadd in place of Retro Evolved would be sweet too, I can understand not having everything on the memory since it would’ve ruined the hard disc sales.

    More creative use of the wiimote speaker. It’s ignored a lot, but it should be thought of another way to communicate to the palyer or at least add to a surround sound experience more often than it’s used to do so.

    Sending messages to the Wii. Super mario Galaxy does this, and even let’s you save an achievement like page to the Wii. It would’ve been cool to see the next Assassin in No More Heroes threatening me in a message or telling how pointless the whole assassins fighting assassins thing is (that was some of their opinions, while others loved in that).

    Downloadable Mii’s of a games characters or devs from discs. they don’t have to be useable in-game, but to get a Mii from some games would be nice. I like making them, but I also like looking at them in the Parade and messing with them in games that do allow for them.

    The ability to take screen shots, or even a game that takes them automatically every few seconds and lets you pick through which ones you want to keep.

    Opera Channel apps or use in-game if possible in some way. Blast Works is one step close to this witht he downloading from he website, you can do that from the Opera Browser, but being able to get a special app from a game disc or special themes would be good. I don’t know if that’s possible, it should be with the SDK being available. It’s been ignored too much by the part of the industry that develops for the Wii.

    Batman & Robin.

  23. How about the top 10 annoying things about the DS. Cracked hinges would be my #1.

  24. First of all please say NO to the CC thing the does the Wii even have away to stop people from hacking it online? So no that’s never a good thing. The snesor bar and friend codes are my only thing. Also I would like for them to use more sensors. Also I wonder if they could just make the Wii mote see only the IR light that meets certain constraints like only following blinking lights or ones with a coded blink to them? The white, mod it to black or clean your hands or get a Wii condom. 3rd party effort to me it’s happening on all systems just in different ways. Wii games graphic level problems yet HD is plagued by game play lack of any kind.

    Nice post always good to post stuff like this even if you do like some thing. I could write a book about this but no one would be able to afford the Wii I want.

  25. Going to the Wii menu screen is slow, but totally bearable. I agree about rebooting the DS. Absolutely unacceptable.

    I’m going to add to this list, the lack of 720P, the lack of a Dolby digital out for surround sound support, and the lack of decent internal storage.

    Yes the lack of graphical effort by some is annoying.

    I’ve always wished the Wiimote had a much stronger rumble and a better speaker.

    Nintendo has to get a good wireless Nunchuck out soon.

    I have a DVD case for Wii Sports. You can download pre-made covers for it and put them in your own case. The same goes for Link’s Crossbow Adventure.

    I’m gonna throw another one into the mix. I’m not always sure if motion controls accuracy issues in some games is entirely the developers fault. I think Nintendo may not have nailed this technology as good as it should be. I say it may even be a 65/35 balance. 35 percent being the fault of the Wiimote. Do any of you guys have this suspicion?

  26. Man, whats with all the fanboys defending every point tooth and nail? Sheesh!

  27. Also, a major annoyance (for me anyway) is the energy-wasting “feature” that is WiiConnect24. You should know that you’re consuming 10 Watts (about $1 a month) for nothing more than firmware announcements. WTF Nintendo.

    It doesn’t sound like much, but considering the number of Wii’s out there, and considering how many people don’t care about it but leave it on anyway, it really adds up.

    FYI, you can turn it off by keeping the power button pressed a few seconds longer than usual. When you turn the console back on, you still have access to any in-game features that are dependent on WiiConnect24 being enabled.

    If you received a bill for $12 a year would you still leave it on all the time?

  28. -2. Not being able to press the Home button and abort connecting to the Internet. Really annoying when you notice that it takes longer time than usual but the Wii doesn’t notice it.

    -3. Not being able to return to the Home Menu from GameCube games. It would simply be cool.

    -4. Not being able to use certain Game Cube accessories on the Wii, like the GameBoy player for instance. Or the other way around: not being able to utilize Wii’s internet connectivity in GameCube games (Phantasy Star Online or for LAN in Kirby Air Ride.)

    -5. Not being able to edit transferred Mii’s. I had to sent my Wii in for reparation once but got me a new one back with all my save files and Mii’s sent to it. Now I can’t edit my Mii’s which sucks.

    Since I’m European I got the Wii Sports DVD case, mohahaha!

    Friend Codes is in my opinion a good idea but bad implemented. There should be at most one FC per Mii, not per game or console, and only one person to contact the other would be required to “make friends”. Like mobile phones: you get a number, the person gets in your address book once you’ve called them and they answer, then you can simply play each other if you’re online at the same time.

  29. Ok, so being the Nintendo fanboy I am, here’s my take on the poster’s top 10 list:

    10. Returning to the Wii Menu Screen.
    – That’s just outright nitpicking; it’s just taking care of the system’s memory usage/process cleanup, etc.

    9. Entering my CC details every time I add Wii Points.
    – Ok, I really do not want my credit card number saved on my machine where a hacker can confiscate it. I also don’t want people to buy a ton of games I don’t want off of my credit card either.

    8. Sunlight keeps raining on my IR sensor parade.
    – Close the shades. Also, I’ve never had problem with sunlight, with the exception it just makes the TV screen brighter than it should be.

    7. Batteries.
    – I use alkaline because that’s what the Wii Remote was designed for.
    If I were to use NiCd or Li, and somehow my Wii Remote malfunctioned, I’d have to spend another 40 bucks replacing it because that’s not what was recommended to me by Nintendo! If I simply follow Nintendo’s directions, I’d get it replaced for free instead.

    6. Dirt.
    – Meh – a little cleaning never hurt anyone. Geez. Nitpicky here.

    5. Returning to the menu screen, continued.
    – Lame. More nitpicking. Impatient, and also not realizing how current technology operates.

    4. Lack of graphical efforts (by third parties).
    – This one is actually a serious problem. Most 3rd parties have really, really, really bad shovelware for the Wii. I’m just glad I can spot a good game when it’s announced and weed out all the crappy ones.

    3. Storage.
    – This one is a toss-up.
    One, being able to play games off of the SD card would be amazing. I think that’s something you could do. If you can play MP3s off of your SD card (ala Excite Truck) then you can play emulators off of an SD card as well. You implement that feature, and there’s no need to expand the 512MB internal memory on a Wii. Just expand the size of the SD card.

    2. No DVD case for Wii Sports.
    – What? You don’t have a DVD or Wii Disc carrier? Go get one. Problem solved. Geez. Nitpicky.

    1. The mess.
    – Uh…haven’t you ever heard of a backpack? I’ve found that if you threw all your devices/hardware/software into a backpack, not only does it free up floor space, but you can transport it easier as well!

    0. Friend Codes. ’nuff said (but here to stay)
    – Yeah, yeah, I know – sometimes FCs are annoying, but that’s mostly because the game interface was developed pretty badly utilizing it.
    The concept is great (no hackers trying to screw you over whenever), but sometimes the UI isn’t so good at helping out.

    -1. The news page time-outs.
    – Wow. That’s just major nitpicking. I can’t say anymore than that.

  30. We in Europe did get a cased version of Wii Sports when the system came out. I was shocked to hear you didn’t get one…

  31. 10. WOW just how impatient are you? It’s not a big deal. You make it sound like those few seconds of waiting are a lifetime.
    9. If you want to put your credit card number in the hands of people you dont know where hackers can get at it just so that you don’t have to type it in, then you must be psychotic. Again it’s not a big deal.
    8. So you put your TV in direct sunlight? Doesn’t the glare make it hard to see the TV screen. Well, you could either move you’re Wii to a more logical location in your house, or get curtains. Once again most Wii owners don’t have this problem.
    7. Rechargable batteries. Problem solved. Nintendo it’self actualy sells these now. Complaining about waisting batteries because you don’t feel like buying rechargables is like complaining about not being able to play multiplayer because you dont feel like buying a second Wii remote.
    6. So you have dirty hands and feet. Why is Nintendo responsible for that? If your remote is dirty then clean it. (A toothbrush or toothpick can help clean out those crevices). Once again your problem is avoidable.
    5. You’ve already complained about this more than enough, this is barely an issue. Your nitpicking.
    4. It’s true third parties are slacking off which is a shame. However the Wii isn’t to blame, it can support very good graffix. Nintendo needs more 3rd party love.
    3. This might be your only valid complaint about the Wii, however SD cards do fix the problem for the most part, and a solution to this problem is certainly right around the corner. So this shouldn’t be a problem in the future.
    2. No DVD case? Are you serious? First of all it’s only ONE game. And you got it for free, It didn’t have to come with Wii sports at all. And not having a case isn’t a huge deal. They sell them for like 2 bucks. This is both Nitpicking and it can easily be solved without much spending.
    1. Most of these accessories aren’t needed to play games. Neither the Race Wheel, nor the zapper is necessary, Many games don’t even need the Nunchuck. And storing all these things isn’t much of a problem, just get a backpack for them. You really are a whiner.

    0.Typing isn’t hard and it can protect from hackers, but you do have a point here.

    -1 Sorry to hear you don’t like cats, loading is something all online things require, if you don’t like it then get your news somewhere else, it’s not like it’s hard to find. The wii is a game console, the fact that it has a news channel at all is miraculus. Personally I like cats…….

    …..Except when they attack me.

  32. I don’t have any problems with the menu loading,or the cleanliness.
    Close your blinds and get some rechargeable batteries!
    Third party graphics have nothing to do with the wii.
    The wii sports case is actually easier to store.
    Accessory storage depends on how much space a person has,not the wii.
    I don’t mind the friend codes.
    I’ve only used wii points once,I don’t have an SD card, and I don’t use the news channel,so I can’t comment on those.
    The only thing I agree with is the DS menu screen.Annoying!

  33. I love cats!

  34. yeah the battery thing is bullsh*t dude, are you completely retarded? you know how much money your wasting buying alkaline batt?? go to radio shack, buy the charger with 4 AA’s and they will last you forever. the green ones, they have a trickle charger that will take all night, but the batt last forever. don’t get the 3 hour charge ones, they suck. save a tree

  35. 10. Returning to the Wii Menu Screen.
    – Hell yeah, 5 seconds of my life I’ll never get back!

    9. Entering my CC details every time I add Wii Points.
    – Yeup, take a hint from Itunes Nintendo.

    8. Sunlight keeps raining on my IR sensor parade.
    -Right on! I live in Denver, the sun is ALWAYS out!

    7. Batteries.
    -Shouldn’t they be solar powerd (see point 6)

    6. Dirt.
    – Oh man, theres a lot more than dirt stuck in mine.

    5. Returning to the menu screen, continued.
    – 10 seconds now….

    4. Lack of graphical efforts (by third parties).
    – Meh

    3. Storage.
    – I love cleaning my fridge!!

    2. No DVD case for Wii Sports.
    – No biggie, I use mine as a coaster.

    1. The mess.
    – Totally, I’m so sick of bending over to grab a different controller for every game.

    0. Friend Codes. ’nuff said (but here to stay)
    – Worst invention ever! Even worse than the soon to debut Playstation Home.

    -1. The news page time-outs.
    – well, at least its “fair and balanced”

  36. You know the loading screen i think its a defect from early Wiis

    my cousins take a little while more than mine and sometimes will take a long time

    mine, takes two flashing of the Wii channel icons. Lighting fast 3-5 secs.

  37. more porn friendly features please. I wouldn’t mind if my wiimote rumble a bit when I am looking for porn.

  38. Well, to be fair, you don’t have to buy the accessories, and if you do, it’s really up to you how you wish to store them. Personally, I emptied small psuedo-shelves in my closet (where my gaming area remains, sad I know) to put all of my Wii junk. It was a sacrifice and now my clothes are suffering a tight fit elsewhere in my room, but these things are the necessities of being a Nintendo fan, right?

    The Balance Board is a bit…enormous, but I figure it out, I suppose.

    And you also don’t technically have to download the News Channel (which has been deleted from my system for a while, since I had to make room for WiiWare games a while back), so all of the difficulties that come with it are really just optional hassles. But I guess since it was a bonus entry, I’ll let that slide.

  39. Ok I’m not even going to go into the pros and cons of these kinds of lists, however being a CD/DVD/Game disc fan I had to cringe that you allow your “significant other” to potentially destroy Discs by laying them shiny side up anywhere, increasing the chances of scratching the side that has all the information stored on it instead.

    IF you cant even teach your partner to not destroy your property, I really dont see the point of your being so “psycho clean” over dirt that causes no damage at all.

    (Remember the shiny side is just clear plastic that can easily be buffed smooth if scratched, but the “image” side is where all the information is and once scratched it is impossible to replace the lost information.)

  40. I can see the complaint in all but the IR problem. Can they patch it to fix it, I would expect not. Unless their patch could remove IR light from the Sun’s rays

  41. #9 Can’t complain about number 9, thats the best parental control I can think of.

    #2 Go here and download a DVD sleeve for wii sports then order a Wii game case from Nintendo, I think they’re like a dollar or something.

    #1 C’mon! What do you want, for Nintendo to ship the Wii with built in hammer space so that you can stick all the peripherals in it. This is a silly gripe.

  42. Thanks for the additional lists guys, you may have a future in Internet list making yet.

    Also, I’d “PS” this post with a disclaimer of sorts. These are “annoyances” with the Wii, not failures. A lot of the more, well, “impassioned” replies above are very defensive (or offensive) in nature, which really is too bad. This was a semi-serious list of minor annoyances with the system, nothing more.

    Of course, if you were to look at the Infendo archives and my article track record as an editor here you’d know that. I’ve got nothing but blind love for Nintendo products, but no relationship is perfect. This was a reflection of that.

  43. And to TWhite, the Wii can only use SD cards up to 2 GB since anything more is an SH HD Card that uses a different reader.

  44. @Meltd0wn – WTF are you talking about man. Nothing you said makes sense.

    Do you seriously put your discs data-side down? THAT increases the chance of scratches. I’d rather have the data side face up, touching the air, than scraping across some solid surface.

    Also, you said the “shiny” side is just plain old plastic, but the “image” side contains all the data? WRONG.

  45. On the topic of scratched discs, I am defending Jack, having no case for Wii Sports is a major annoyance. That cardboard case seems to scratch the disc. The scratches are pretty minor, definitely not deep enough to break the game, but still pretty damn annoying, which is what this list is about. Average Joe isn’t going to buy a replacement case for it, so it’s a bad move by Nintendo, who is obviously targeting that sort of person.

  46. Wow, the Nintendo Defense Force came out in full-force for this one, Jack.

    I would not disagree with anything Jack had to say about the Wii. It is absolutely absurd that the system didn’t launch with sort sort of Wii Remote charger. And for those of us collectors who keep their games in order, the lack of a case for Wii Sports was egregious enough to actually import one, which I did. Lack of storage, inferior graphics abilities, bad load times, disjointed channel access…he nailed it.

  47. He certainly did not “nail it”!

  48. about the sun and the IR sensors…

    a firmware update won’t fix it.. a major update on the universe physics engine will do

  49. I agree with #2…I think I lost Wii Sports someone along the way.

  50. I made a wii sports case for $5, someone created a dvd artwork for it and it looks just as if it came like that.

    rechargeable batteries?

    I use to always say graphics didnt matter until I got my 360 (purchased after wii), its an eye sore to look at the graphics they pump out.

    The mess is no different with any system? if you want accessories your going to have to find a home for them.

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  52. The most annoying thing about the Wii is that I don’t have one yet.

  53. Hmm.. I wonder if people have to buy Wii 2.0 or can you trade ur old Wii 4 it.

  54. I agree with all the points, especially the wii friend code bollocks.

    Though on point #2, I must admite, my wii came with a dvd box for Wii Sports…

  55. if it such a blow off for u then why did u buy it? dumbass…

  56. The only problem we had with our wii was the one time the memory card got stuck!

  57. Haha. sunlight? really? That must be a nice problem to have.

  58. I’ve had the sunlight issue once or twice, I just had to turn the TV slightly and sit a little closer.

    Is yours really dirty? I live in a house w/ 5 other people who all play it (and our friends that visit). The house is always a complete wreck and we’ve got 2 cats running around and the only dirt my system or wiimotes have ever had was dust that I just blew right off. How are you getting it dirty?

    I do wish the internet connectivity was used a little more effectively, though. I’ll grant you that.

  59. Why cant we start a GAMECUBE game using a GAMECUBE controller???, No we have to go find a WiiRemote, find some batteries, wait for it to connect, then stand 3-5 feet away from the TV (I have a window behind it :(* ) then click the disk channel, and wait for the disks to spin around like 80 times then click start.

    It would probably be faster for me just to plug in and set up my old GameCube, and guess what??? it dosent need batteries!!!

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