Review: Space Invaders Extreme

Space Invaders Extreme

Space Invaders Extreme is a near perfect update of the classic arcade game. The music is fun and the way the sound effects become part of the soundtrack is mesmerizing. It’s frantic fun with an interesting power-up system.

Most levels are played on the bottom screen of the DS using just the D-pad and buttons. The touch screen can be used for menus, but it isn’t required. The boss battles make for a tough challenge by using the top screen for the main boss while you fight it from the bottom screen. There are also rounds of challenges that get activated throughout the game requiring you to eliminate puzzle-like formations or certain types of ships in a set period of time.

The biggest flaw for me was that the game has “unlockable” modes. Nearly nothing bothers me more than needing to finish a game in order to play all the game modes or levels. (It loses half a point for this.) Otherwise, I wasn’t really compelled to re-play the game just to increase my high scores. They focus a lot on shooting combinations of Invaders (by color, column, etc), but for me this game should’ve been a pure shooter. (It loses another half point for focusing on this.)

Definitely rent it, but if you’re a Space Invaders fan it’s a must-buy. Three out of four stars.

[Note:  Now that I realize the price is only $19.99, it’s definitely a lot more tempting to buy.  Quite the bargain!]