Review: Don’t pass up Pushmo!

Nintendo’s software winning streak continues with Pushmo, another brilliant eShop title. In this odd, ingenious puzzle/platformer, you play a roly-poly little guy named Mallo on a mission to save children who’ve gotten trapped on Pushmo climbing walls, created by a loveable old carpenter who’s made it his life’s mission to build incredibly dangerous playground equipment.

The game’s 250 levels involve pushing and pulling puzzle-wall sections to create a climbable/jump-able pathway to the trapped youngsters. It starts out simple and rapidly gets brain-bendingly challenging. You can pass on levels that have you stumped, but the game will guilt-trip you into returning: no one gets left behind!

This game is so very, very Nintendo in the best ways, welcoming you with charming visuals, sharp controls and a polished presentation that extends to every detail of gameplay. A quick level-reset button and time-rewind feature make the experience very friendly and forgiving, even as the levels get tricky enough to melt your brain.

Pushmo is also a perfect example of a game that could only exist properly on 3DS, as it completely revolves around the game’s four planes of puzzle depth. Try playing Pushmo without 3D; it’s certainly possible, but not nearly as intuitive or pleasant. In 3D, everything about the game “clicks” and makes perfect sense.

Playing the game is only half the fun, as Pushmo includes a paint studio that allows you to draw images and quickly turn them into Pushmo puzzles which can be played, saved as QR codes and shared. Walking into your own artwork and manipulating the pieces as towering blocks is a wonderfully surreal experience.

Well worth its $6.99 eShop price, Pushmo joins Freaky Forms as one of the shop’s most fun and content-packed downloads. It’s available right now, and I highly recommend it for all puzzle fans.

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  1. Eugene says:

    I love love love Pushmo so far. Need to give Freaky Forms a go however.

  2. Joe says:

    Pushmo looks amazing. It I definitely the eshop’s killer app

  3. Richard says:

    Eugene, make sure to try out Freaky Forms (Nintendo really needs to offer a free demo download of this one). Imagine a Muppet workshop where you can build just about anything you can imagine–and the moment you’re done the thing springs to life, talks hilarious gibberish and goes running around the neighborhood eating everyone’s food and laying colored eggs full of loot. That’s Freaky Forms. It makes me smile every time I start it up!

    And Pushmo…wow. Ingenious.

  4. The Adza says:

    I hope this is only the start of some more top quality first party games on the eShop.

  5. monkat says:

    Yes. I adore this game.

    In my opinion it is a superior overall package to Super Mario 3D Land and only costs a few bucks.

    A ton of levels ranging from simple to mind-twisting and a level-creator/QR-code-sharing-support create a package that holds a ton of very fun gameplay.

    Also, their faces are adorable. Love them.

  6. EdEN says:

    I’ll do a full system transfer next week and then get started on creating my eshop backlog.

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I got this game yesterday, played it for an hour or two, and it is amazing! 🙂 I didn’t really think I’d like it this much! It’s really worth a try.

  8. Âlvärö says:

    Agree…this is my first eShop download and don’t regret it. Is there aun easy way to share QR codes? (like built in friend list or something)

  9. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I’m not sure Âlvärö. I know I did a google search and found some blogs and such that had some. Doesn’t seem like much yet. Somebody needs to make an official pushmo qr site.

  10. Tbugg says:

    I like Pushmo but, it’s HARD! i like the QR thingies though. they’re cool and kind of like intresting to mess around with and the SD card!

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