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Get your 8-bit Mario in Pushmo form right here!

I’m rather engrossed in the puzzle creation tool in Pushmo right now. This week I have another character puzzle for you. It’s the plumber we all know and love in all his 8-bit glory: Mario! I placed a three-star difficulty

Here’s a Mutant Mudds Pushmo puzzle for you!

Combining two of the best games on the Nintendo eShop right now, I give you Max of Mutant Mudds in Pushmo puzzle form! Hope you enjoy it! While you’re at it, read my review on the 0h-so-excellent Mutant Mudds. Oh,

Review: Don’t pass up Pushmo!

Nintendo’s software winning streak continues with Pushmo, another brilliant eShop title. In this odd, ingenious puzzle/platformer, you play a roly-poly little guy named Mallo on a mission to save children who’ve gotten trapped on Pushmo climbing walls, created by a