Get your 8-bit Mario in Pushmo form right here!

I’m rather engrossed in the puzzle creation tool in Pushmo right now. This week I have another character puzzle for you. It’s the plumber we all know and love in all his 8-bit glory: Mario! I placed a three-star difficulty rating on this puzzle, but when you’re the creator, it’s hard to know whether your rating is accurate. So my question for those of you who download and p...

Here’s a Mutant Mudds Pushmo puzzle for you!

Combining two of the best games on the Nintendo eShop right now, I give you Max of Mutant Mudds in Pushmo puzzle form! Hope you enjoy it! While you’re at it, read my review on the 0h-so-excellent Mutant Mudds. Oh, and if you’ve created any sweet puzzles for other Pushmo owners to play, do share in the comments! I know I want ’em!

Review: Don’t pass up Pushmo!

Nintendo’s software winning streak continues with Pushmo, another brilliant eShop title. In this odd, ingenious puzzle/platformer, you play a roly-poly little guy named Mallo on a mission to save children who’ve gotten trapped on Pushmo climbing walls, created by a loveable old carpenter who’s made it his life’s mission to build incredibly dangerous playground equipment. Th...