Retro Game Challenge brings new NES games to DS

Remember those lazy summer days of childhood, when the maniacal Game Master Arino would force you to play NES games and overcome a series of vicious gaming challenges? No?  Why don’t you start up your revisionist memory and I’ll tell you all about it.

Next week sees the release of Retro Game Challenge for the Nintendo DS – a throwback to the 8-bit golden years of the 1980s.  Game Master Arino will challenge players to beat certain levels or accomplish various tasks in eight brand-new retro games.  Retro Game Challenge sounds fun enough to be a stand alone faux-retro title, but it’s actually based off of a TV series in Japan called Game Center CX .  In the television show comedian Shinya Arino plays popular and clasic famicom games while joking around with other cast members.

Fans of Megaman 9, Cave Story, Pole’s Adventure, and other contemporary retro styled titles might want to check this out when it drops on February 10th.