Selling R4 carts illegal, says Japanese court

Nintendo gets what Nintendo wants.

The Tokyo District Court granted an injunction yesterday against sales of the R4 DS cartridge in Japan.

The original lawsuit was filed last July, when Nintendo and 54 game companies, including Capcom, Square Enix, SEGA and more, pushed for the cease of marketing, sales and importation of the Chinese-made cartridges.

Nintendo had expressed an interest in the cart in Nov. 2007, when a spokesman said the company is “keeping a close eye on the products and studying them.”

The “R4 Revolution for DS” cartridge is a hollow shell that fits into the Nintendo DS cartridge slot. By placing data onto a Micro SD card and placing it inside the R4 cart, gamers can play pirated and homebrew software on their Nintendo DS systems.

R4 is advertised in some Japanese stores with signs stating “New R4 shipment has finally arrived! You know what it does! Absolutely no questions will be answered concerning this product” and “Guaranteed for one week only! Of course, we can’t explain what the R4 will do.”