Suda 51 on game development

Infendo regular Josh D. points us to a Next Generation feature on Killer 7’s Suda 51 (Grasshopper Manufacture president Goichi Suda) entitled Suda 51 and the Punk Spirit.

It’s worth a read for all you Killer 7 fans out there, as well as you aspiring game designers/developers still reeling over comments made last week that Nintendo consoles lack artistic style.

Here’s my fundamental sticking point for the industry right now, summed up by Suda 51:

Suda 51 said that there are two types of directors: business-oriented and artist-types. The business-oriented directors “like to be lucrative” and create games at the request of a publisher, while artist-types create a game without thinking about the time frame or budget, he told an intent GDC audience.

I’m all for the latter, because it means more fun for me and a better dollar spent in the long run. And yes, I just said fun, again.