Super Dodge Dodge Ball DS gets launch date, box art

Dodge Ball DS

Some of my earliest Nintendo memories involve Super Dodge Ball for the NES. My friend Donny and I would battle the CPU player for long afternoons on end and cap it all off with a rousing victory over the USSR. When I heard this title was getting an overhaul and a bit of the ol’ portability late last year, I was swooned with nostalgia (not “swooned” as in deceased, like old Final Fantasy games, mind you — just a bit light-headed). Now, we have box art and a firm release date for the States. From the looks of all the media that’s been released to preview this title, the developer and publisher did very little to mess with the now defunct Technos’ proven system (see also: River City Ransom, Nintendo World Cup). Pro tip: That Kunio Series badge is a good sign.