Pokémon MMO, being made by fans.


While cruising around the internet today, I happened to stumble upon something that would be of great interest to a lot of people. Apparently a group of Pokémon fans have been working on an MMO version of what seems to be Pokémon Emerald. Although it is still in the beta phases, when it is complete you are apparently supposed to be able to battle anyone and chat with other trainers. As well as see many other trainers on the world map in real time. It also is supposed to support both the lands of Kanto and Hoenn, and all the Pocket Monsters that have appeared in those lands. If you want to see some screen shots, and hear about what they are including in this little project, take the jump into the world of Pokémon.

Loading ScreenWouldn’t it be nice to play a Pokémon game where you’re not the only trainer around. Fighting against multiple trainers, never knowing when you’re going to end up blacking out and ending up at a PokéCenter with your Monsters? Sounds like a breeze of fresh air coming in from the seas of Kanto. Blowing away the old boring NPCs with multiple new allies or Rivals.

Screen ShotFrom what I could see from these screen shots, is that they have put a lot of work into this system they are developing. Currently being programed as free ware for Windows XP. They are testing a Beta which seems to be very well done, although I personally wouldn’t touch it until it is finished. They did list some of the things working in their latest version on their website, as of now you can do the following…

  • Wild Pokemon Battles
  • Catching Wild Pokemon
  • EXP, Pokemon Grow Levels and Evolve
  • PvP Battling
  • Multiple Maps (Kanto Region)
  • Working PokeCenter and PokéMart
  • Pokemon Storage System
  • NPC’s and NPC Battles
  • Pokemon and Item Trading with other players
  • Private chat with members you invite
  • Gyms and Gym Badges (only Brock’s Gym for now)
  • Evolution Stones

I seriously wonder why Nintendo hasn’t tapped this market yet, as I’m starting to get really tired of those dungeon games. I mean, I’m sure lots of Pokemon fans have been asking for something like this to happen for years. Anyway here’s hoping they don’t get one of those dreaded C&D’s.

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