Capcom to Release Mega Man 3DS Cases


Capcom announced yesterday that they would be offering Mega Man 3DS and 3DS XL cases to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series.  This appears to be a new product strategy for key franchises from the company, as they have already produced similar cases for the Monster Hunter series and for Resident Evil Revelations.  The Resident Evil and  Monster Hunter cases currently retail for $14.95 and $15.95 respectively, so it is reasonable to assume that the Mega Man offerings should be similarly priced.

These cases are not for sale yet, but Capcom plans to sell them in their store, as well as at San Diego Comic Con this year.  The introduction of these cases also fits well with the recent releases of the first four Mega Man titles on the 3DS eShop, and Mega Man 5 on the way soon.

The front of the case prominently displays Mega Man firing, while the back displays a 25th anniversary logo.


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