Report: Infendo inside sources have confirmed Wii U specs


We at Infendo towers have huge news for you this evening. In the hebdomad leading up to the big show in Los Angeles, we have come into contact some very precious info about Wii U, and are here to report the details:

  • Wii U will allow up to 8 tablet controllers simultaneously
  • The processor inside the console will be 13X more powerful than that of the PS3
  • Each of the first 1 million Wii U game consoles will come packed with a juice box made of 100% fruit juice
  • Every Wii U will be more than capable of doing your laundry, but will only be compatible with some models of kitchen sinks to perform basic dish-washing tasks
  •  If you’re still reading this list and haven’t figured out this is sarcasm…well yeah it is

We are so sick and tired of the supposed information leaks for Wii U here and Infendo, and quite frankly wish they could be put to rest. If it isn’t one site reporting some NeoGAF thread as fact, it’s another with a supposed Japanese inside source. I, for one, am tired of it.

Can we all just agree to wait for Nintendo’s press conference next week when many of these rumors will be put to rest? Sure, it’s fun to speculate, and for all I know these “industry sources” could indeed be legit. However, with E3 coming in just a weeks time, I’m willing to wait to hear it straight from the horses mouth to know the truth for sure.

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Is it wrong that I actually believed this until I read the juice box one?

  2. Haha not at all, that was my intention. Sorry for the sensationalism the article may have provided, but I felt that this needed to be said.

  3. First bullet: Damn, they stepped up.
    Second bullet: Jesus, that sounds wicked.
    Fourth bullet: If it’s Maytag, I’m not buying.

  4. I think it’s a little ironic this post exists considering Infendo became big so to speak based on Wii rumors back when the controller was still a mystery.

  5. Wellp, *sigh*… +1 you bastards

  6. I believed this until I got to the laundry one. At the juice box bullet point I thought, “that sound’s weird, but maybe there is a point that I’m just missing”, but I finally woke up at the laundry point.

    I think there is something in most people that even if we get tired of rumors…we love to hear them, which is why I’m sure a lot of people tired of the Wii U rumors…still open up this article and read it very quickly and excitedly.

  7. …you suck. That is all.

  8. Hey, this is Sergio Figueroa, editor in chief at, the biggest Nintendo website in Spanish and I just would like to say you Thanks.

    Congrats for the article, congrats for this: “We are so sick and tired of the supposed information leaks for Wii U here and Infendo, and quite frankly wish they could be put to rest. If it isn’t one site reporting some NeoGAF thread as fact, it’s another with a supposed Japanese inside source. I, for one, am tired of it.”

    I wrote about the same yesterday, not only because I am tired, but also because some people is making money of this sh^^. I really hate it.

    Have a nice E3!

  9. I’m kind of irritated that you made me believe this at first.

  10. Really? This article is dumb. Never thought I would see a post like this out of Eugene. Rumors are great and they never hurt anybody. People are dumb if they are going to take rumors as fact. Everyone knows or at least I hope, that rumors are in a weird zone of being and not being truth untill something is confirmed by a reliable source. I would of rather got some real rumors today instead of this insider angry fanboy turd.

    To Sergio: Please enlighten me as to how people are making money of off rumors. Is it the advertisers on the site that are paying them? Is it messed up to get people to come to your site because of rumor information that isn’t even true?

    Cool article. next time bring me some real rumors

  11. Hey all, great response to my non-article. All I was attempting to do was facilitate discussion, which I seem to have accomplished. If I offended anyone, well, I apologize.

    @Mustache Killer
    I’m not sure if that was a complement or an underhanded insult saying you wouldn’t expect this from me, but I do understand your complaint. Rumors ARE great. What isn’t is when just anybody is allowed to post something on a public forum, and every other news outlet reports on them, generating confusion and angst.

    Again, I stand by the message of my article, and hope you all continue to enjoy reading our stuff here at Infendo.

  12. Eugene, can you clarify the last two bullet points? Who’s supplying the fruit juice and the ability to do house chores?

  13. @Wakko1337
    Minute Maid and Merry Maids. Conspiracy?

  14. Oh god I love Minute Maid.

    Haven’t really heard of Merry Maids though. Lmao.

  15. Omg, this article, and the comments, have left me smiling and laughing! I can’t believe I was so easily tricked by the first two points, also! After reading the first one I thought “Unexpected, but awesome, now that we can have more than 4 players.” Then at the second point I thought “Holy crap, that’s awesome! Nintendo’s really brought out the big guns!” Then as soon as I get to the third: “That’s obviously bull.” Then half way through the fourth one, I just skipped to the last one and thought: “Aww man, really? That crushed my hopes.” But yeah, can’t wait to get the OFFICIAL news on the Wii U!

  16. Only 13 times more powerful than the PS3 is a deal breaker for me. If it was 14 times more powerful, then maybe I’d be interested…but only if there’s a holiday edition with 12 spiced apple juice boxes packed in.

  17. lol Nice, though 8 tablets would require insane bandwidth, and no way possible. The rest is obviously true. Duh.

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