Report: Infendo inside sources have confirmed Wii U specs

We at Infendo towers have huge news for you this evening. In the hebdomad leading up to the big show in Los Angeles, we have come into contact some very precious info about Wii U, and are here to report the details: Wii U will allow up to 8 tablet controllers simultaneously The processor inside the console will be 13X more powerful than that of the PS3

Breaking: Miyamoto steps down from his position at Nintendo, will focus on smaller games

Miyamoto. The man needs no introduction. He has been a mainstay in the industry almost since it’s inception, and today it has been revealed that he is stepping down from his position as Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Nintendo’s Entertainment Analysis and Development Division. In an interview with Wired’s Chris Kohler, Miyamoto stated will be passing the torch to ...

Breaking: Pikmin was Wii title now for Wii U

Miyamoto just dropped a bomb. Pikmin was a Wii title but was canned and is now coming to Wii U. Miyamoto wasn’t supposed to talk about it, but he felt like it so he did! Good news for Nintendo fans, bad news for everyone waiting for Pikmin Wii. Apparently we won’t have to wait long for the game, maybe a Wii U launch title perhaps? Who knows! I for one am certainly excited though!

Breaking: Super Mario 3DS to feature top down Zelda style levels

At the Miyamoto roundtable a few Mario 3DS levels were shown in a top down Zelda style in commemoration of Zelda’s 25th anniversary. Zelda fanfare and enemies will be included in these levels, totally blowing this writers mind! Keep the channel on Infendo for more info from the show floor!

Nintendo confirms next-gen 3DS

Well Hello, 3D. Says Nintendo, anyway, with the official confirmation of the Nintendo 3DS. The potentially ambitious (and risky) next-gen portable is DS-like in that it will have two (larger) screens and backwards compatibility, but the similarities end there. Perhaps the biggest new feature is 3D functionality that does not require special glasses. No word on how that’s accomplished, but in...