Renegade Kid reveals first details on upcoming Wii project, based on major “horror icon”

Development studio Renegade Kid tonight revealed first details for its upcoming Wii project to IGN.

Specifics were sparse, and while the game is still unnamed, the studio revealed it is “based on one of the biggest horror icons of all time” and will be published by Gamecock.

Renegade Kid also released a simple teaser image, pictured to the right.

Renegade Kid should be a familiar name to the Nintendo hardcore. It developed 2007’s Dementium: The Ward, an impressive DS shooter with an unsettling horror facade, and hopes to satiate Metroid fans’ hunger this November with Moon, an eery FPS for the DS taking gratuitous cues from Nintendo’s eery exploration-based franchise.

Expect more on Renegade Kid’s Wii project soon.