Reggie kills off Wii HDD rumors, promises “better solution”

What do you do if your company has had nothing to say on its console’s lack of a storage solution for the past two years? If you’re Reggie Fils-Aime, and your company is Nintendo, you tell a European journalist that HDD’s aren’t necessary, and a “better solution” is on the horizon.

Translated and corroborated by GoNintendo:

Says Animal Crossing is not casual and that they’re gonna have GTA on the DS for the hardcore gamers. They’re not making a “hard drive” but will come up with a better solution. They ask him about the Microsoft avatars and says “copying is a way of flattering, so we’re very flattered.” Says a console redesign is when the sales go down, not up when asked about a DS redesign.

At this point, it’s lose-lose. Nintendo could release a HDD, or a direct mind-to-console interface device, and either would still fall short of the Internet’s lofty expectations.

So what’s better than a hard drive, Infendo?