Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode: Will It Redeem Ubisoft?



Ubisoft made the news recently when they decided to, not only, cancel Rayman Legend’s Wii U exclusivity but also delay the game until September.  Needless to say, many fans were a little upset about the news.

In response to the negative publicity, Ubisoft is offering an apology to Nintendo fans in the form of  Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode.  The Online Challenge mode will be available for free in April, exclusively for Wii U gamers.  The Challenge Mode is said to offer several “modes” which can be played alone or with up to five players.    To clarify further, the full online challenge mode will be released exclusively to Wii U owners in April.  That does not mean that the other consoles will not see it in September when the game launches.  The only portion of the challenge that was specifically designed for the Wii U is the Dungeon.  However, with rumor that the next gen Xbox will have the capability to work with a proprietary tablet, I would guess that Ubisoft will port it in the future (just a hunch, not that they would ever do that…)

The short video below is an apology from Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic and Creative Director Michel Ancel.  They share a few details of the Online Challenge Mode.  Hit the jump to watch.


Is the challenge mode an adequate apology for you to forgive Ubisoft, or is it just their attempt to make peace with the angry fans in hopes of keeping them satisfied until launch?

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  1. One thing you gotta clear up Essel. The Challenge Mode isn’t exclusive. The Dungeon Level in the mode is, though. Wii U owners just get it for free before everyone else. There’s a MASSIVE turdstorm all over the internet because of some videos cutting the announcement short to make people believe Ubisoft lied to them. I’d rather it not come to Infendo as well. Lookin’ out for ya! 😀

  2. Wakko1337, Thank you. The downloadable release in April will be exclusive to Wii U owners, however it will be included with the official launch in September. The Dungeon was developed exclusive for Wii U, however I have a hunch that we will see it on the Next Gen Xbox (Assuming the rumors of the proprietary tablet are correct…)

    Thanks for looking out, I clarified it in the post

  3. I’d like to know how this online demo thing works. But back to the greater question at hand, does it go some way to repairing Ubisofts image to me? No it doesn’t. Even now if they back flipped and released Legends today, new levels and bosses would be added to the PS3 and 360 games so Wii U owners would still miss out. Unless of course the bonus levels could be obtained later by DLC.

    It’s a sad turn of events. I don’t think a lot of people realise how deeply this will affect Nintendo. Ubisoft was the main western 3rd party supporter of the Wii U, and their incredibly stupid and irreparable decision to delay Rayman Legends for 7 whole months has had the effect of many Wii U owners turning their backs on them. Which in turn will slow Ubisofts output of games for the system. Which will only prove to other western 3rd party publishers that there is no money in supporting the Wii U.

    My instinct wants to vote with my wallet and not buy Ubisoft games any more, but I’m not so sure that’s the right way to go about it, even though I feel like I’m rolling over and getting you know what’d up the you know where.

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