Rayman Legends is the cream of the platforming crop


If there was one thing to take away from E3 this year, it would definitely be that Ubisoft will have a very strong presence on Wii U when the console launches later this year. One of the more inspiring platformers to come out in years was Rayman Origins which hit Wii consoles late last year. The art style was simply fantastic. The jumping mechanic was spot on. And whether or not you were using D-Pad or joystick, the platforming was silky smooth. You can imagine how I felt when I laid my eyes on Wii U console exclusive Rayman Legends and got a short hands on time with the game earlier this year. By far the most exciting platformer, even above New Super Mario Bros. U is the Ubisoft developed Rayman title, and there is plenty reason why.

First off, the game looks so unlike anything that has come before it, it may as well be a new genre. The hand drawn visuals really speak volumes on an HD system, and with the Wii U’s GamePad controller, the game has license to do so much more. Whether or not you are controlling the onscreen character or helping out using the GamePad’s touch interface, the game is a complete blast to play. The GamePad player must interact seamlessly with the player controlling Rayman if the level is expected to be completed. Spiked traps mush be navigated by tilting the GamePad from side to side while enemies can be tapped to clear the path for your teammate.

One of the elements about the Wii U that has been championed by Nintendo has been simultaneous asymmetric gameplay, with each player interacting with the same game in entirely different ways. There is no game that has been revealed that better implements this feature than Rayman Legends, and whether Nintendo wants to admit it or not, Ubisoft is leading the way when it comes to Wii U development. Until these games are released, judgment cannot be passed on the titles. But the way it is looking so far, Ubisoft will have a few exceptional titles on hand for the Wii U launch, and that will only benefit purchasers of the Wii U in the long run.

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. My only experience with Rayman has been Raving Rabbids on Wii (did not like) and Rayman Origins Demo on 3DS (did not like either).

  2. @ adza
    as somebody who beat rayman origins on ps3 and was curious to see how it transitioned to the 3ds i can tell you i wasnt a fan of that demo either. also for me origins wasnt love at first play its a very different platformer than the nintendo games we all know and love but once it gets its hooks in you it truly was a wonderful amazing game any platform fan should play

  3. I’m playing Rayman Origins. I love the music and art direction. But controls feel a little loose for my taste (compared to a Nintendo platformer)

  4. Rayman Origins is game of the year for me. On PS Vita. This kind of games belongs to handhelds. And the HD image on VITA is amazing.

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