Planned: Wii U Virtual Console Will Allow Play On GamePad


wii-u-tviiIt seems that Nintendo is working on a virtual console that will allow games for the virtual console to be played on the GamePad instead of the T.V.  It is sort of a virtual console inception.

“We are moving ahead with development of Virtual Console for Wii U, and we plan to make it so you can play it on the Wii U GamePad alone,” the Nintendo of America rep told Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

In my opinion, this can not happen fast enough.  When I play a game on the Wii U, I find that I play mostly on the GamePad.  I actually find that I am playing more because I do not have to interrupt a television show that someone else might be watching.  I hope that this will work with Wii Games also, although it might be tougher for those that rely heavily on the motion controls.

It is exciting to see that Nintendo is working hard to update the Wii U with new features.  However, it looks like Microsoft might also have a few tricks up its sleeve for their next gen console.  Click Here to see.

Do you think Microsoft’s new concept could one up the Wii U?  What are your thoughts on the progress of the Wii U so far?

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