Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop download)

068-gamelogoDon’t let the simple shapes and colors of BLOK DROP U deceive you: the game is very worth considering for any Wii U owner with a spare $2 on their eShop account, and here’s why.

BLOK DROP U is a physics-based puzzle game developed by one-man team RCMADIAX, in which the player is tasked with using the GamePad’s touch screen to destroy all the grey bloks in a way that guides the small red blok to safety on any black platform in 30 unique levels. Any given stage begins with the red blok sitting atop an elaborate (and perhaps precarious) arrangement of grey bloks. Since the grey bloks are the only elements on the screen that the player has any control over, they have to be destroyed in the right order and sometimes at the right moments in order to achieve success. In general, this gameplay provides a lot of fun brain teasers. However, at times it does feel as though luck, more than skill, plays into victories.

069-tv_2014-01-21_19-53-43The game’s 30 stages are separated equally into 3 distinct sets, from which the player can select freely right at the start. Set 1 consists of simple levels intended to help the player grasp the basics of the game. Set 2 adds blades in constant motion along normally safe surfaces that will destroy grey and red bloks alike. And set 3 contains stages with large “bouncy” bloks that behave just like they sound: by having an almost rubber-like quality that will bounce and be bounced on by every other element on the screen. Blades and particularly bouncy bloks add a welcome variety to the gameplay, but it’s a shame the two are never combined to produce an even greater challenge.

070-tv_2014-01-21_20-08-11A little more visual and musical variety would have been nice for BLOK DROP U. One song loops for the duration of the game and, though catchy at first, it gets old pretty quick: you may just want to switch off the sound completely and play whatever you prefer from your iPod, especially since there are no sound effects to speak of in the game.

BLOK DROP U is available in the Wii U eShop in North America right now, and RCMADIAX intends to release free downloadable content for it in the months to come. A European release is planned for Q2 2014.

With an entry fee of $1.99 and free content on the way, BLOK DROP U is easier to get excited about than it is to argue against. I give the game:

4/5 Stars

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