Quebsy dinglits; an inside-look at EA’s Simlish

Remember, never yahso the patinzee. You might zanka your boolah or, even worse, yarbo your kanizdoowah—and oh, quebsy dinglits!

Surprisingly, some of that gibberish is translatable. Well, about 20 percent of it, that is. It’s written in Simlish, the improvised language used in Electronic Arts’ mega-popular Sims games. While visiting the publisher’s Redwood City headquarters this month to preview its fall releases for Wii and DS, Infendo infiltrated EA’s recording studio to get to the bottom of Simlish and decipher the MySims drivel.

And, if possible, dansie the darkawah.

Below is a five-minute clip of MySims voice actor Bill Cameron recording Simlish. He’s being directed by audio artist Marielle V. Jakobsons while Simlish guru and director Robi Kauker listens.


Infendo will have plenty of MySims coverage for next week’s release of MySims Agents, including a long discussion with assistant designer Geoff Mitchell about Wii development, EA’s success on Wii and much more. We’ll have a review of MySims Agents next week, as well.

Thanks to Electronic Arts for allowing Derek to wander its studios without supervision. Blake doesn’t even let him do that here.