Designer Geoff Mitchell chats about MySims

After stealthily slipping into Electronic Arts’ recording studio thanks to a handful of Infendo-branded smoke pellets, we escaped with five minutes of audio from a Simlish recording session for MySims.

But Blake’s slave-driving the work of a ninja never ends.

While exiting through the air ducts, we bumped into Geoff Mitchell, assistant designer for MySims Agents. He asked we keep his strange ventilation-spelunking a secret, and we obliged…provided he gave us the scoop on Agents. At Infendo, we proudly advocate extortion.

So buckle in, Infendo faithful. We have a 15-minute interview with Mitchell in which we discuss everything from MySims Agents to what makes a successful Wii title and, of all things, the board game Clue.

And remember, Infendo will have plenty of coverage for this week’s release of MySims Agents, including a few cool contests and a review of the game. Here’s an early teaser—it’s the best MySims game yet.

Thanks to Electronic Arts and Geoff Mitchell, who most certainly does not sneak around the EA offices through the ventilation system.