New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending January 18th


Not a bad week for releases.  Big Bang Mini for the DS looks pretty cool.  If you’re into Sims and Animals, there’s SimAnimals on Wii.  SHMUP fans might dig Ultimate Shooting Collection for Wii.

Ultimate Shooting Collection

Big Bang Mini
Wonder World Amusement Park


  1. Wow, things are slowing down! Or they’re preparing to bombard us again next week… Nothing there that interests me too much, though Big Bang Mini does look alright.

  2. I wonder if ultimate shooting collection is actually going to be released this time.

  3. Big Bang mini looks like it could be some fun in short bursts.
    I better look into that one.

  4. Big Bang Mini all the way! I’m hoping to do a review of it sometime soon.

  5. Off-Topic: Sega is announcing something good Nintendoish I hope;
    (why else would the 8-bit mushroom be there?)

  6. Meh, nothing good anywhere this week but Skate 2

  7. nice!