Nintendo to Patch Controversial Tomodachi Collection: New Life Glitch


Tomodachi Collection: New Life quickly became Japans hottest selling 3DS game after it launched.  The games is sort of a mixture between Sims and Animal crossing, but allows the player to be their Mii character in game.  A part of the game’s huge success is that gamers that bought Animal Crossing: A New Leaf also purchased Tomodachi Collection: New Life, on top of those that purchased the game independently.

So, what could be so controversial about such a game?  There are four main “fixes” being focused on in the newest patch:

  • Error messages
  • Human relationships that become strange
  • The inability to save
  • The inability to boot up the game

Of the bugs, most seem normal, however one does seem to stand out amongst the others.  “Human relationships that become strange”, might seem out of place there, however, according to Nintendo, A bug in the game will allow two male players to essentially marry each other in game.  Since Nintendo is a “Family Friendly” company, a scenario with two same sex Miis marrying could be too controversial for a game developed by them.

How do you feel about fixing such a glitch?  Do you think that it will possibly hurt Nintendo, or will it help to keep their family friendly persona in tact?  Obviously, we do not have the game in North America, but if we did, would this decision steer you away from buying the game?

15 Responses to Nintendo to Patch Controversial Tomodachi Collection: New Life Glitch

  1. Awade says:

    I can’t wait till “family friendly” is no longer used as an excuse for bigotry – when families come in many different configurations.

  2. MikeIsaPoet says:

    The only proper patch that can be applied here is to make this a normal occurrence in the game and to allow females to do the same.

  3. Lord Lemmy says:

    I’d say it would mostly hurt Nintendo in America, where the main movements for same sex marriage rights is taking place. But it’s a Japanese game, so it’s not in America, and such, they don’t really HAVE to worry. I won’t get into my personal feelings on the subject, but it wouldn’t effect me if I had the game.

  4. Lord Lemmy says:

    Just to clarify, I’m not saying that there aren’t gay rights movements in other countries, but just that America is where it’s the biggest and strongest.

  5. Essel Pratt says:

    I completely agree with both of you. Times have changed, and I am always amazed that this is still an issue. I think if they would have left it alone, most people would not have even realized the “glitch” existed.

    I need to do more research, but I wonder what will happen to the same sex couples that have already been married in game.

  6. MikeIsaPoet says:

    A comment on Kotaku summed it up pretty well. Nintendo could have left it alone and there would have been no backlash, since it’s a bug. However, now they admit they know about it, and so people (mostly westerners) are going to be upset.

    “That’s just a really difficult position for Nintendo. I mean it’s a game that’s aiming for kids too.

    We are not quite there yet, keep in mind that’s it’s still a little difficult to tackle gay subject in content aimed for adult, so when it comes to kids and their overprotective parents…

    And for Nintendo to include same sex relationships in the game would have them made a statement in support of it. I don’t think a japanese company is ready to make this kind of jump, japan is not the country of progress when it comes to these kind of subjects. For example, living together without being married is still quite taboo there.

    This is a PR nightmare ^^”

  7. Tanner says:

    What happens when they marry? Does the wedding just have two grooms instead? Can they adopt children? Is having children a big part of the game? It seems like it is based on the trailer. Seems to me its a stretch to say the change is due to the family friendly policy, and not simply a gameplay issue.

  8. MikeIsaPoet says:

    It’s literally a bug Tanner…the gameplay is exactly the same as with a heterosexual couple.

  9. Lord Lemmy says:

    So, in other words, the two can have their own children. That doesn’t make sense. Yeah, in reality, adoption is viable, but in this game, it appears the two physically have children, so it would make sense for Nintendo to fix this bug as a gameplay issue and not because it’s controversial.

  10. JoelIsDrinkingATwoLiterBottleOfCountryTimeLemonade says:

    I want this game, if it’s like The Sims. ._.

  11. knows who joel is says:

    Joel, where the hell have you been!?

  12. The Adza says:

    It seems like very bad PR to patch it out, analogous to a parent sending their gay child to straight school, but they don’t really have a choice. It could be game breaking. The only way out of it would be if Nintendo announced that a future sequel will feature couples of all configurations. Of course in this day and age, the option should be there from the start.

  13. JoelIsDrinkingATwoLiterBottleOfCountryTimeLemonade says:

    Knows Who Joel Is, I literally made us lose internet access; I have no way of going online anymore (currently using school wi-fi), until my family gets new phones which should be happening anytime soon. Tell you-know-them I’m super sorry and that I miss ’em!

  14. JoelIsDrinkingATwoLiterBottleOfCountryTimeLemonade says:

    By the way, why did you keep your identity a secret! D:<

  15. Mattiac says:

    That is stupid of Nintendo! 🙁

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