Nintendo to Patch Controversial Tomodachi Collection: New Life Glitch


Tomodachi Collection: New Life quickly became Japans hottest selling 3DS game after it launched.  The games is sort of a mixture between Sims and Animal crossing, but allows the player to be their Mii character in game.  A part of the game’s huge success is that gamers that bought Animal Crossing: A New Leaf also purchased Tomodachi Collection: New Life, on top of those that purchased the game independently.

So, what could be so controversial about such a game?  There are four main “fixes” being focused on in the newest patch:

  • Error messages
  • Human relationships that become strange
  • The inability to save
  • The inability to boot up the game

Of the bugs, most seem normal, however one does seem to stand out amongst the others.  “Human relationships that become strange”, might seem out of place there, however, according to Nintendo, A bug in the game will allow two male players to essentially marry each other in game.  Since Nintendo is a “Family Friendly” company, a scenario with two same sex Miis marrying could be too controversial for a game developed by them.

How do you feel about fixing such a glitch?  Do you think that it will possibly hurt Nintendo, or will it help to keep their family friendly persona in tact?  Obviously, we do not have the game in North America, but if we did, would this decision steer you away from buying the game?


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