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e3bywili_hybrid.jpgIt’s quickly becoming E3 week here at Infendo. For some people, it’s a big deal. They’ll scour the Net looking for any scrap of news or glimpse of a booth babe. Other people just don’t care. This week we want to know:


Let us know why or why not in comments.

For the results of last week’s Metroid Prime 3 poll, click here.

[photo by Wili_Hybrid]


  1. I cared more when E3 was huge. Now I’m just not sure.

  2. yeah i’m with sharp. this seems more like a boring ces trade show than the sweetness it was. now that they don’t need to wow the gamer crowds, i bet this is directed more towards stockholders. snore. hopefully i’m wrong.

    …what’s with the bs comments that restate the header?

  3. I voted “no”, since the last time I got excited about E3 was last year, and then it was a huge disappointment to see what it turned into.

    The announcement of cutting back on that event a few weeks later came as no surprise!

    Without the shows, E3 is now like any other monthly news release, right? So what’s the big deal?

    And “booth babes”?? Get an update, guys: those were banned already from the previous E3 event!!

  4. @deepthought
    “…what’s with the bs comments that restate the header?”

    Those are called pingbacks. They’re cause by other blogs linking to our postings.

  5. i wish those pigbacks could have a separate area for them.

    and i am excited for e3 even now because its a time of new announcements, always some small surprise in there, as you are seeing now, with the announcement of cruis’n for wii from midway, some new trailers for old games, and trauma center sequel. and still at least one new title for nintendo to announce tomorrow. though, i hope more then anything for new info on disaster, and some confirmation on the status of hammer. i am surprised no interview has brought that question up to nintendo.

  6. What was wrong with the last E3? Granted I’m not a big Sony fan, but it seemed pretty sweet to me.

  7. I was more excited for E3 last year (revelation of Wii details, a more sensational show, etc). I took off of work for a few days then, but not this year.. instead, I’m saving my vacation hours for later this year when new games are released.

  8. Sure, this isn’t really E3, but the idea of new and possibly-awesome news is always an exciting proposal. Generally things may disappoint but there’s usually a shocker or two.

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