Poll – Is your Wii system memory full?

With spectacular games like World Of Goo, Tetris Party, Mega Man 9, and so many others available to download, it doesn’t take much to fill up your Wii.  So this week we want to know:



  1. I’m cleaning out the fridge more often these days and loading stuff onto the SD card. It’s really only irritating when I’m moving a big game over. Final Fantasy CC took forever.

  2. Yeah, it seems like it takes way too long to copy a channel from system memory to SD card. I was wondering if I needed a better SD card (my 2GB cost $12).

  3. At the moment, no, but only because I did some fridge cleaning. With World of Goo weighing in heavily and Guitar Hero requiring a good chunk of space for DLC I figured I ought to be prepared.

  4. I voted No because I have empty space on my Wii, but if I were to download EVERY game I’ve ever purchased on VC/WiiWare, as well as install all the extra channels I get (Wii Fit, Mario Kart, etc.), then yes, my Wii would be full.
    So it’s a little confusing, but I answered it from the configuration I have right now.

  5. I actually deleted the internet channel, everybody votes, check mii out, that stupid metroid preview channel, the nintendo channel and the huge save file that goes with it, and I still have to move games over every time I download something. That is the one thing I really don’t like about the wii. If I could delete news, weather, photo and whatever else I would do that too because I can use the ps3 (which seems to have faster internet anyway) for all of that the wii memory is too precious to waste on some stuff because of the great games we can download. Can I haz a hard drive pleaz?

  6. I keep most of my stuff on my SD card now, I ran out of space quite some time ago so I have to keep swapping games to and from my SD card. Can’t wait until they let us run VC/Wiiware games from the SD card.

  7. No, but I’ve had to clean out the fridge many times. I always leave space just in case I get a game with a ridiculous save file or I get the sudden urge to go download a new game.

  8. I voted “Yes” even though now I do have some space due to some “fridge cleaning” I was forced to do in order to get World of Goo.

    I think if the poll had asked if you EVER had to do a memory clean up in your Wii, you would get closer to a 99% “Yes” vote. Obviously, few people will have their memory “full”, since you would need some blocks to even save a game progress file!

  9. Actually I’m probably one of the few who has not downloaded enough to fill my memory. I’ve only downloaded 4 VC games (all N64 games), so with that, and the channels, I still have quite a bit of space left.
    But I am considering getting World of Goo, once my son finishes playing Mario RPG, so that my be an issue pretty soon.

  10. I’ve still got a decent chunk of free space, but it should be noted that I’m very conservative about what I buy, only having bought like six titles altogether

  11. I, too, have a 2G SD card with lots of room left. Transferring stuff to the SD card is a minor hassle, but SD cards are cheap and offer unlimited memory potential.

    Seems like most complaints against the Wii are simply that it does not function like a PS3 or 360. The online doesn’t work like Xbox Live. It doesn’t have a huge hard drive like the other consoles. It doesn’t output in 1080p. Wii Music is not like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. But, Nintendo always does things their own way. Sometimes they make the right decisions; sometimes not. But really, isn’t that the appeal of Nintendo? Something different?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have a PS3 or 360 to compare it to, but many of the complaints against Wii simply do not bother me. Guess that makes me a Nintendo fanboy. I can live with that.

  12. Get a better SD card. I have a 2 GB San Disk (cost me $30 over here in Mexico.. but I’m paying it in 18 months, interest free).


    FFCC took 2 minutes to go from the card to the Wii. Same time for Lost winds. Any transfer time over 4 minutes means your card was cheap for a reason.

    I currently have 300 blocks free on my Wii system with FFCC (and DLC), Megaman 9 (and DLC), Orbient, Helix and VC games (1 Genesis, 2 TG-16, 4 NES).

    Once I’ve finished Orbient and Shining in the Darkness, of to the SD card they go to make room (and time) for World of Goo.

  13. Yes, and that is why I have yet to download Goo, Bomberman, and Tetris.

  14. I answered this quite literally. Is my Wii system memory full? No. Not right now. If I tried to have every WiiWare and VC game I own on my Wii system memory, would it be full? Yes, and then some.

  15. Just ran into problems for the first time. With Dr Mario, World of Goo, Magnetica Twist, Tetris Party, My Aquarium, and a couple of VC games (including Sin & Punishment)… there just isn’t enough room.

    That said, I guess that Sin & Punishment really isn’t getting played right now and could be deleted. But a storage solution sure would be nice as WiiWare continues to ramp up!

    @ David

    No, a better SD card won’t help (unfortunately). In my experience, it’s almost faster to just delete old games and then re-download them than to transfer to an SD card.

  16. Yes, and this issue is Nintendo’s major failing in this generation of consoles. Still not having a better storage solution in place is inexcusable.

  17. What i do is when I download a game i make sure to copy it to SD card shortly after, that way if i ever need space I just have to delete it from the Wii knowing it’s still on the SD card. then if i wanna replay a game i’ve deleted, i just have to copy it from the SD card.

  18. Here’s another question, do you trust that Nintendo will keep all of your games available if you delete them and don’t back them up first?

  19. Jamie’s method is a good option. As soon as you’re done downloading VC or Wiiware games, copy them to the SD. Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes tops (depending on how many games you downloaded per session) and then you’re set for a while since you can make room for new downloads in seconds.

    A 2 GB SD card has 15,000 blocks and the average Wiiware game is 150-300 blocks more or less.

  20. My Wii is not full, but that is largely because I’ve been limiting my downloads because I want to actually finish the game I download instead of moving onto others. That being said, if I went and downloaded every game I wanted to play right off of the top of my head, I’m sure I would fill it up real quick.

  21. I voted no, but I guess it would be full if I downloaded all the games I wanna get from VC and WW.

  22. I have a bit of space, not enough to do much with though. And I haven’t downloaded anything all summer. Someday I’ll get a sd card just for my wii, but right now all of mine are in cameras.

  23. “Here’s another question, do you trust that Nintendo will keep all of your games available if you delete them and don’t back them up first?”

    Good question… and one that makes me somewhat worried.

    Apparently Sony removed Mortal Kombat 2 from the download service suddenly and without warning recently. That might’ve just been a small mistake that will be fixed… but it’s a good reason to create SD backup copies of all your WiiWare/VC games if possible.

  24. @David:
    Wow, thanks for nothing! :p

    After your “do you trust the game will always be there” question, I’ve spent all night copying games onto my SD card. At this point, I’m definitely tempted to say that downloading is faster than copying… because those big (200+ block) WiiWare games seem to take *forever*.

  25. Yes, but it can be no either. I swap stuff in and out at times, and I …



  26. No, but I’m planning to fill my last free blocks with World Of Goo. I also kind of want Tetris Party and Mega Man, but I don’t want to delete any of my beloved downloaded games.

  27. I say no, but it will fill up soon. I have all current channels and am afraid of deleting my VC and WiiWare games for fear of losing them forever.

    …On a side note, I noticed that Wi-Fi compatible games/channels and NES VC titles cannot be moved to my SD card, but the Strong Bad Wii Ware games have email and yet they can be copied. Why is this?

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