Pokémon meets Street Fighter should be a thing.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrLIrxs9S88&hd=1 [/youtube]Nintendo take note. Smash Bros. is great and all, but having a 2D fighter in a Street Fighter like style looks pretty fantastic if you ask me. This fan mad fighter has so much polish that you would think Nintendo and Game Freak were actually the behind the project. The game is in beta right now, and you can actually snag yourself a copy right here. Better act fast before Nintendo’s lawyers get wind of this and send a sternly written cease and desist letter.

Fan made project such as this really excite me, even if they do infringe on a copy written piece of work or two. Remember Pokémon World Online, the Pokémon MMO? I suppose if Nintendo isn’t willing to make one, all it takes is a few dedicated fans to take up the torch. I hope this Pokémon fighting game grows legs, and evolves (see what I did there?) into something with a larger roster and a less bugs. Oh and as for Nintendo, you can have all my Pokédollars if you give me this, or a Smash Bros. style fighter with all the Pokémon. Promise.

What kind of crossover Nintendo games would you like to see? A Zelda horse racing game? Metroid dating sim? Tell us in the comments!

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