What Bosses could be in Mega Man 10?
Here’s a fan rendition with actual stage music. psst. Capcom. Hire this guy

With the recent news about Mega Man 10 coming to WiiWare in 2010 a lot of people are speculating about Sheep Man and what the two player game play will be like. I, however, am more curious about what new robot masters they are going to come up and if there is going to be more robot women to fight. So I decided to look into all the past robot masters that Mega Man has originally fought, ranging from the elemental masters, to the amazing and power robots like ring man.

It was then that I happen to stumble across Mega Phil X and his creative Mega Man 10 fan project that he was working on way before Mega Man 10 was in existence. I have to say he came up with some awesome robot masters, as well as some kicking Capcom-eque music.

Comet Woman

Nail Man

Rainbow Man

Pretty awesome stuff all around. What do you guys think? Would this work in a real Mega Man game and what Robot Masters do you think will be in Mega Man 10?

Note: These are all fan made and will not be in Mega Man 10 at all.


[Via Mega Phil X, Also check his DeviantArt]

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