Pokemon Episode 23, The Haunter episode




  1. that’s wierd, at 1:26 of the first video, ash pronounces “fog” “fohg” as in the long “o” sound…

  2. umm?

    Random much??

  3. Why’re we being shown old episodes of pokémon? :s
    Is it even legal to distribute/advertise unofficial copies of full episodes of TV shows? o.0

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  5. Ghost pokemon always confused me. When a normal pokemon dies do they turn into ghastly and evolve? Or are ghost pokemon a whole separate thing?

  6. HA HA,
    at exactly 02:36 on the first video;
    My Pc blue screened!!!
    Pikachu killed my pc!!

  7. Thanks! I haven’t seen the shows in years. This is great!