Nintendo Pharmacist the coolest guy you’ll ever buy overpriced meds from


Infendo reader, good sport, and rad pharmacist Blake Shoemaker emails:

My pharmacy (in a Publix grocery store) had a fun Halloween celebration that called for the departments to decorate their sections for kids to visit, play games, and trick or treat. I thought what better theme for young and old alike than an old school Mario level? I even dressed up to play the part!

Thanks, Blake. “Pipe checkout” photo after the break.


  1. Why isn’t he wearing a Dr. Mario outfit? Gotta’ kill those viruses.

  2. Extremely awesome!

  3. Nice. The little extras like the green pipe and the “?” box really bring the whole thing together well.

  4. Thanks for sharing my story! We had a lot of fun over the weekend, even though we were at work. 🙂

    Here’s a full shot of the ‘Mario Landscape’…