PAX East decompression

DSC_0310So who went? What did you think? If you didn’t go, but kept tabs via some other form of online communication…what did you think?

Some quick takeaways for me: Awesome show, albeit an overcrowded one that will 100% confirmed be in a larger venue next year. I left the show energized about gaming, about gamers and about creative people in general. I also left about $200 lighter than when I went in, thanks to a few discretionary purchases that I have yet to feel any buyer’s remorse over.

Additionally, Morgan Webb is shorter in person; Gabe and Tycho’s real-life personalities are as impressive as their Penny Arcade online empire; there were a surprising number of high-res 2D titles on display in the expo center; and classic arcade cabinets/8-bit titles aren’t just cool because of nostalgia, they’re cool because they were and are awesome games. Also, cosplay. Oh, the cosplay!

Lastly, I was happy to finally meet David and Will in person. Crazy that it’s taken literally four years to meet nearly-next-door-neighbor David, but this is the digital life we all lead here at Infendo.