New Square Enix Title for Wii U


Square Enix plans on attending PAX East with the intent to showcase various videogame titles.  It has recently been revealed that this will include a previously unannounced title for Wii U.  The company is being quiet on any official details at this point, so the rumor mill is working overtime to speculate as to what this game could be.  The most likely candidate appears to be a port of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Square Enix has a large group of successful franchises, so there are many other options as well.

No matter which game it is, we will know in just over a week’s time.  PAX East runs from March 22 – 24, so we won’t need to wait long for the announcement.

Would you be excited for Deus Ex?  How about a Final Fantasy port?  Or maybe a new Crystal Chronicles, Dragon Quest, or Kingdom Hearts game?

What game do you hope gets announced?

2 Responses to New Square Enix Title for Wii U

  1. Essel Pratt says:

    I would be excited for a new Dragon Quest, Crystal Chronicles, or maybe even FFVersus XIII or Final Fantasy X HD. I don’t think that Kingdom Hearts will make an appearance though, with the launch of KH 1.5 HD on the PS3, I would guess that Nomura is trying to consolidate the series onto one console, in this case the PS3.

    I would love to see a full/console version of Chaos Rings though!

  2. Matthew C says:

    How about a brandnew final fantasy exclusive only on Wii U? or Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns ?

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