Pandora’s Tower Making It’s Way To North American Wiis This Spring


pandoras-tower-walkthrough-coverWell it looks like XSEED has finally decided to bring over the last of the three games that Operation Rainfall had set out to campaign to bring over. This spring, Pandora’s Tower is making it’s way to North American Wiis as a sort of it’s last hurrah. Hopefully it’s worth taking out the old Wii and dusting it off for a few more hours of gameplay!

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  1. I can’t express how much I look forward to being able to support this game!

    Definitely pre-ordering tonight if possible (along with Fire Emblem, haven’t done that yet..).

    From what I played on this so far, the romance between the two characters could be wonderful. I was sortof wishing for an upscaled WiiU release, but you know.. this is ok too. 🙂

    Thanks XSEED.. <3

  2. I cannot wait!

  3. Great news as I think this is the one that I wanted the most anyway.

  4. I’ll be buying this day 1 for sure. How often do we get a game where you get to kill monsters, then feed their hearts to your girlfriend? Like never. You would have sworn Suda 51 thought this one up!

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