O’RLY? Conduit 2 will be played in “spaces players will want to fight in!”

conduit 2 screenshot wii

Released last year on Wii, The Conduit was a generic shooter with great controls. I’ll let you decide if that’s worth your time or not. But that all changes with the Conduit 2, boasts Sega. This time the game will be 100% less generic!

When approaching art direction for Conduit 2 we’ve made sure never to build anything into our game that we ourselves aren’t completely excited about making.  And unlike the first game (which had limited concept art), practically every location in Conduit 2 was conceptualized, and then those designs have been scrutinized and reworked, until we truly believe that we are choosing the most inspired locations for our game. We’re designing spaces that players will want to fight in! And we’re not restricting ourselves to one city in a single part of the world. Conduit 2 spans the entire globe, and we have created far more interesting locations as battlefields for our game.

Noble intentions, yes. But that screenshot doesn’t look all that original.

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  1. chris_wing says:

    A screen shot of an explosion is no way to judge if a game is generic or not. In fact of all the C2 screens on the web, this is the most generic.

    Interesting decision Blake.

  2. raindog469 says:

    Now, instead of Washington DC, you’ll be blowing up oil barrels in Turkmenistan, breaking crates in New Zealand, and shaving your head and enlisting in the space marines in Argentina!

    Sorry if that’s not accurate enough to be funny, but I haven’t played the original yet. Did anyone?

  3. Leon S. Kennedy says:

    The first conduit was pretty bad and generic with decent controls. The controls on Metroid Prime were better and it was a good game

  4. -_Q says:

    “Tough guys don’t look at explosions.”

  5. chris_wing says:

    Mass Effect 2 had exploding oil barrels, breakable crates, and shaven head space marines, err, soldiers, come to think of it, what fps doesn’t these days. The point I’m making is that the FPS genre itself is completely generic at this point and the only “freshness” comes from level design/maps/battlefield layout, enemy behaviors, and inventive weapons (and story if that’s your kink).

    The pic posted with this story intentionally hides all these elements.

  6. Lance says:

    I liked the conduit as it tried to provide a hardcore multiplayer experience with voice chat. But overall I didn’t like the whole enemy spawn point thing that you had to destroy every two minutes.

    As far as FPS go I’m still a fan of Bioshock (1, not 2. 2 doesn’t make me feel like a Big Daddy at all with how weak he really is) and the Half-Life series.

  7. ResidentialEvil says:

    Talk is cheap; these guy promised big things for The Conduit and what we got was far from impressive. I’ll believe this game is different when I see it. So far all the screenshots I’ve seen are pretty bad looking.

  8. david says:

    It is good to get some artworks in the maps.
    I would like for them to use some science also, like statistics and algorithms to make it more fun, like valve does with TF2



  9. CZsWorld says:

    I’m not gonna be moderately interested until they announce nonlinear exploration.

  10. deepthought says:

    is that infendo at 1:11 in zero punctuation’s dragon age review…..?

  11. David says:

    I read the Nintendo Power write-up on Conduit 2 last night and it made me very curious to see if it’s as good as they gush that it is. I thought the first one felt like a technology demo, so hopefully now they’ve learned how to tell a story, or at the very least rip off Half-Life 2. I mean honestly, I’d be fine with that.

  12. deepthought says:

    haha! awesome.

  13. Sean says:

    How is it that our version of that image became the most prevalent one? (The one in Zero Punctuation?)

    That’s awesome.

  14. EdEN says:

    I pre-ordered the 1st game and got about 60 hours of gameplay from it so my $50 were well spent. If they indeed polish the sequel I’ll be there at launch as well.

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