What upcoming Nintendo game are you most excited to play this year?

Although I wish it had fewer cutscenes, I’ll go with Zelda: Skyward Sword out Nov. 20 on Wii. What about you? If you could only pick one game spanning all three current Nintendo systems, what game are you most excited to play by year’s end?


  1. i cant decide between skyward sword and 3d land, honestly i’m not as excited for either as i should be and i dont know how to put my finger on it

  2. Zelda. By a longshot.

  3. I would have to go with Uncharted 3…opps I mean Skyward Sword. 🙂

  4. Mariokart 7

  5. im looking forward to zelda iv been a fan of the series for a while and i like the sky setting so this one should work iv already pre-ordered the limited edition copy and find it awesome/weird that us in Europe get it before anyone else :s

  6. Professor Layton 4.

  7. Professor Layton and the Last Specter, or LoZ: Skyward Sword.

    (A non-Nintendo game I’m really looking forward to is Batman: Arkham City.)

  8. Skyward Sword. After that, Kid Icarus.

  9. Zelda Skyward Sword is definitely at the top! I’m so excited to finally see some better character development I could almost squeal. Yep, squeal, I’m that excited. lol Cut-scenes, RPG elements, new world, new Zelda/Link relationship, sprinting… Heck yes. Be still my fanboy heart! 🙂

    @Artefacto, I see what you did there.

  10. Kirby Returns to Dreamland for me. Game looks GREAT, with all kinds of new abilities and co-op. I’m so excited! 😀

  11. Skyward Sword and Animal Crossing

  12. Skyward Sword for sure, but that last trailer made me want 3D Mario Land more than I expected.

  13. I think Kirby: Mass Attack is the most adorable-looking game Nintendo has yet to release this year…

  14. Uncharted 3 as well, then Skyward Sword

  15. Skyward Sword fer sure.
    My wife has promised it as a Christmas prez… I can only hint-drop and hope that she pre-ordered it… I require that golden scepter of power.
    Mario 3D Land is really close there too tho.
    …and so is Rayman Origins…
    Dang. I guess I’m still 9 years old.

  16. I can’t decide between Profesor Layton and Fire Emblem. (Is Fire Emblem published by Nintendo?)

  17. Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 7

  18. Zelda, Mario 3D Land, and Mario kart 7. But the game that tops it all would be the Grinder if it’s still coming out for wii in October.

    Could you guys find out anything on that game? That would be awesome!

  19. Zelda for me, the new villain and gold Wiimote sealed the deal.

    Yes, Fire Emblem is all Nintendo.

  20. I have Kirby mass attack pre-ordered but where is the love for luigis mansion 2

  21. @Joe:

    LM2 won’t arrive ’till next year–That’s one of my top picks for 2012!

  22. -Mario Kart 7
    -Mario Party 9 (here’s hoping it gets released this year)

  23. MarioKart 7 is my most wanted game for sure.

  24. I’m looking forward to Kid Icarus a little more than SS…. Idk why, though. I guess Uprising id just a little more hyped up.

  25. Skyward Sword! I’ve been playing Wii Sports Resort for the first time lately: if SS uses the Wii MotionPlus effectively, it should be a great gameplay addition to the series.

  26. Skyward Sword! It looks great, but I hope it have great twists and a great mood like A Link to the past had (the girl turning into the boss and the flute player in the forest for example).

  27. PS. And a great beginning where you are thrown into the action during some uneasy weather and that you get to see their relatives (like Link’s uncle for example) because that provides a better connection to the game and makes you care.

  28. PPS. I want Kid Icarus as well! I might want it even more than I want Zelda.

  29. Hard choice, but my top three, in this very order are:

    1. Mario Kart 7

    2. Super Mario 3D Land

    3. Everything else including Skyward Sword

    Nothing against the latter personally, it just doesn’t interest me at present while the former two just make me desperately want to go and play said games right now. You’d probably expect me to prefer Mario 3D Land due to owning a site about Mario 3D Land, but I don’t know, Mario Kart 7 looks a tad more interesting, although they’re both release day purchase worthy.

  30. My top three in order (from most to least wanted) would be LoZ:SS, SM3DL, and PLatLS. Can’t wait! This is gonna be a pleasent gaming Christmas!

  31. Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword.

  32. Battlefield 3 i also want to get the new zelda

  33. mario kart 7 but i do wish mario tennis was coming out this yr or kid iccirus

  34. I can’t pick between zelda and mario 3d!

  35. I’m glad it has a ton of cutscenes. I hope they add even more this month just to spite the podcast a bit more for all the negativity you guys have been spewing lately.

  36. Also looking forward to the new Kirby games on Wii and DS.

  37. I’m really jazzed about Skyward sword as the Wii is the only console I have. Unfortunately, it may be Christmas or later before I can jump into Hyrule once again.

  38. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

    Kidding. Skyward Sword and Cave Story 3D.

  39. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 is what i can’t wait to get my hands on this year. Though I’m not too entirely sure on The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword like I want to. I mean, don’t get me wrong and all, it’s a DAM GREAT looking Zelda game by a longshot. It’s just that something about the game feels a bit off to me. I still will try to get it before year’s end.
    As for 2012, way too easy, so far it’s Kid Icarus: Uprising , Animal Crossing 3DS , Paper Mario 3DS & Mario Tennis 3DS. Really looking forward to that one A LOT! 😉

  40. 1. LoZ: Skyward Sword (pre-ordered)
    2. Super Mario 3D Land
    3. Kirby Mass Attack
    4. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

    For the 2012, what about Luigi’s Mansion 2? If you meant to leave that off, then SHUN YOU!!!

  41. This Zelda game is going to be epic.

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