Operation Rainfall: Over and Out



We can officially declare Operation Rainfall as a success.  On April 16th, 2013, we can finally play Pandora’s Tower!  After constant blood, sweat, and tears, it took one year and ten days for the  trilogy of games to arrive in America since Xenoblade Chronicles release.

Sadly, it is possible that Pandora’s Tower will be the last game released on the Wii U, but wipe those tears from your eyes…we still have the Wii U!

Hopefully, the success of the three games will coerce Nintendo to bring more of their gems to North America.

If you have not already pre-ordered your copy, there is still time.  Much like Xenoblade Chronicles, and The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower is sure to be in high demand and short supplies shortly after launch.

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  1. Finally! 😀
    I’ve had this on pre-order since.. January..
    I can’t wait to finally be able to play it, I hope the romance-y stuff is as good as I’m hoping for!

  2. Might want to change that first “Wii U” lol.

    Is there any operation for getting the Mother series over here? If not, we should call it like, “Operation Mother’s Love” or something. Double meanings are always catchy!

  3. Mike….if you start it…I will support it!

  4. Hmm now you’ve tempted me, lol.

    Also, I put a pretty interesting/funny forum post up just now, I encourage everyone to check it out. And to start using the forums lol…my name is on everything! New people would be awesome ^_^

  5. I had to laugh a little at your forum post! I cannot believe that Nintendo let that one slip!

    Although, I am a bit sad that no one has critiqued my little Luigi/link fan fiction to shreds in the forums…

  6. They didnt actually ever do anything, they were coming regardless. DQX next.

  7. …DQX was always planned to come over here, those three weren’t. What’s your point?

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