First 3DS review scores from Japan are better than expected

A little inflated, I’m sure, like most launch games. But better than expected.

  • Winning Eleven 3D Soccer: 80
  • Dynasty Warriors Chronicle: 85
  • Shanghai 3D Cube: 65
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: 85
  • Super Monkey Ball 3D: 80
  • Puzzle Bobble 3D: 60
  • Ridge Racer 3D: 80
  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles: 80
  • Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs: 60
  • Nintendogs + Cats: 95

Via 1UP

8 Responses to First 3DS review scores from Japan are better than expected

  1. EdEN says:

    Mmm, shouldn’t Layton be a bit higher?

  2. DevinShadowV says:

    Nintendogs+ Cats scored higher than anyone else…what a surprised I’m not impressed.

  3. king_salamon says:

    I’m waiting to see a comparative review between Asphalt (Ubisoft) versus Ridge Racer (Namco Bandai)… I’m not a racing fan per se but I will want to have one of these two in my library.

    I wonder what makes nintendogs + cats that much better than nintendogs on the DS? Normally, a second version of a game has to do a lot more to get a decent grade…. nevermind the 95 it actually got!

    I’m calling it… Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs will be one of the first bargain bin titles this summer! lol

    I’m also happy to see that nothing received a failing grade… although at this point, 65 may be a passing grade with the inflated scores. Maybe the 3D is worth an extra 10 points at launch.

  4. disco says:

    Why aren’t we getting the Layton??!!

  5. Streex says:

    Those scores look about right. 7 out of 10, according to this, are worthy of a purchase.

  6. Mohan says:

    How is Dogs + Cats sore higher than Layton, SSF 4, etc.! O_o

  7. Lance says:

    I’m still not really impressed with the launch at all. I think it was rushed. Out of those games listed I would get Street Fighter and Layton. Kinda wish Nintendo released another first party title. I would have been happy with Star Fox, Zelda, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, or even Mario Kart. Which I bet that they’ll release the red 3DS with Mario Kart. Much like they did with the original DS.

    Oh and, Nintendo, PLEASE, give us F-Zero on this 3DS. That would be insanity in 3D!

  8. Whoexactlyaretheclonesattacking? says:

    It’s actually Samurai Warriors Chronicle. The Dynasty Warriors 3DS game has only been announced.

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