Of Wiimotes and AA battery shortages

wii batteriesIt’s a rare day that you’ll hear me complain about my Wii, and unfortunately today is one of those days. My gripe? Batteries. More specifically, a lack of batteries.

For the past two weeks, through a combination of extra work at the office and laziness on my part, I have had no fresh AA batteries in my apartment and, therefore, I have had no fresh Wii experiences. For the first part of that period, I cannibalized no fewer than two TV remotes — one for a DVD player I hardly use (DVR and On Demand FTW!), the other a shelf top stereo that’s now neglected thanks to the gf buying a Bose Sound Dock. Those batteries, which were half depleted already, were retired to the circular file in a pathetically short amount of time.

As I awoke this morning, I realized I really wanted to play Metroid Prime 3 and I had no way whatsoever of making this happen. None. No more remotes to steal from; no lone soldiers caught between the couch cushions; nada. So, I was curious. Anyone else out there get really, really frustrated with their Wiimotes, especially if you have a few nunchuk games that suck up extra juice?