Sony’s John Koller’s Failed Attempt at Dissing the 3DS


Well, we all knew that Sony was going to have to say something about the Nintendo 3DS announcement yesterday. I didn’t think they’d say something so…uninformed.

“I think it remains to be seen where Nintendo goes with 3D on a portable. Having been in the portable space for quite awhile, I think it’s an interesting move but one I’d like to see where they go from a demographic standpoint. 8 and 9 year-olds playing 3D is a little bit of a stretch given where some of our research is right now.” – Sony’s Director of Hardware and Marketing, John Koller

Really, John Koller? REALLY?! The Nintendo DS has sold more than 125 million units since November 2004, and they would not have been able to reach those numbers if their demographic is not just 8 and 9-year-olds. You see the DS in the hands of just about every demographic that exists. It is arguably the most successful video game platform in history and has penetrated the modern American family on every level.

I guess he had to say something. This sounds more like sour grapes and less of an actual commentary on the system. Its probably just sour grapes. Go back to your PSP No Go, Koller. Ugh. </rant>