Wii kiosks go live — in Texas

Infendo reader Kale is a lucky man, and is admittedly excited today after he played what I gather is one of the first live, hands-on Wii kiosks at a GameStop in the U.S. Kale aslo has some interesting info about Blake’s A+B post, as well as the trucks in Excite Truck.

“I JUST PLAYED WII……I won’t sleep for two weeks now….and then never….Excite Truck kicks @$$…..it takes about 10 seconds to figure out the controls and get comfortable with the wii-mote. So much of that process happens subconciously you don’t even realize you’ve learned how to use the controller…..and I learned what the “simultaneous button” pressing at the beginning is for. It’s only required with mutliplayer games and it happens whenever you want it to. It’s for determining the order of the controllers (1-4) as far player number goes. It’s very similar to using the X,B, Start simultaneous press on the Gamecube for soft-booting. I WANT MY WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited….I’m shaking and jumping up and down like a little school girl….

Kale said…

GameStop, my friends. Maybe I got a little spoiled, living in the Dallas area (the company’s headquarters is like 15 minutes from where I live), but GameStop and EB should be hooking up kiosks over the weekend and throughout next week. But I played a Wii (dear God, I’m still shaking…..) in Frisco, TX, a North Dallas suburb. Did I mention Excite Truck rocks? All the initial trucks are actually tributes to the old RC Pro Am cars (the original NES game had a small Truck, Jeep, and Buggy), so the nostalgia was euphoric and the multiplayer rocks (my roommate kicked my a$$ though).

Who else is seeing the formerly uninteractive Wii kiosks that popped up last week now active?