Ocarina of Time 3DS – Details

When I learned that Ocarina of Time would be a title on the Nintendo 3DS my heard almost skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe that Nintendo would be releasing one of the greatest Zelda games in full glorious 3D.

During the Miyamoto-developer round table this evening; I managed to get my hands on a small preview of the game. The preview only showed the intro video, which seemed to have an improved framerate as well as some texture updates. Which can be slightly seen above.

During the round table Aonuma-san, was once very apologetic to the hardships of the water temple, saying that they will finally fix the problem with having to go into the menu to remove and equip the heavy-boots. Mentioning that it would be as easy as tapping the touch screen.

Overall: Ocraina of Time seemed to be a very impressive title and to show off the capabilities of the 3DS, and it really is one of those things you have to see in person.

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