O Reggie, Reggie, wherefore where art thy “September Surprise?”

Firing blanksFar be it from me to tell a high powered, high paid, ass kicking executive how to do his job, but I will anyway.

Reggie, where the heck is my Nintendo September Surprise? I forgot to change my desk calendar, so it still *appears* to be September, but deep in my gut I know it’s really October 8. On this fine Columbus Day here in the Americas I am feeling, in a word or five, let down and ripped off.

Where is the hard drive announcement? Or the surprise $50 price cut? Or the Midna full body massages?

So far, the Smash Bros. online functionality was cool if not a little ambiguous, and the NEO GEO VC games are a nice touch, but both are neither mega or ton in their impact on the daily lives of Nintendo supporters everywhere. If it weren’t for my blind devotion to the House of Mario I might dare say I feel a bit … disappointed this morning.