Nintendo: We’re ignoring someone? Really?

Metroid Prime 3

IGN just blew the doors off of the airlock and bestowed a 9.5 Incredible rating on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. A four page review accompanies said rating. I fully expect every other “media outlets” out there to do the same in the coming days and weeks. But something has been tickling the back of my mind today, and I can’t quite place it. Something about Nintendo ignoring a certain group of people. Bah, whatever. I can’t remember today — haven’t had my coffee yet, you see — but I’m sure it will come to me later.

Question now is… will there be a line tomorrow for this game? Probably not, but that’d be pretty cool.

Please note: Nintendo did NOT say that quote from the headline, but I imagine it’s what they’re going to be thinking secretly from this week onwards. Well, until Reggie fires off a cocky press release anyway [Image courtesy of IGN].

UPDATE: Metroid Prime 3’s average score: 95%, with several reviews still outstanding.

UPDATE#2: Next Generation says: “The control system has a responsiveness and accuracy that no other console FPS has possessed.” More here.