Nintendo To Remove Indie Dev Office Restriction?


In the latest of a few big steps towards making the eShop a not just viable, but maybe even preferable, platform for indie games studios Nintendo may be about to drop the somewhat archaic ‘office restriction’.

Previously, to receive a Nintendo development kit a studio would need to prove it had an actual office space. In the past this was because any ‘quality’, mildly professional game was likely to come out of a professional enviroment, but over the past couple of years things have changed. There’s been an explosion of easy to use tools such as the Unity game engine, and a new-found wide availability of powerful development hardware. Coupled with the ‘App Store’ paradigm, which has lowered the barrier to entry still further on other platforms, this means the next great game can spring up from pretty much anywhere.

The office space restriction has been one of the last major barriers to entry on a Nintendo platform, and Nintendo employee Dan Adelman seems to think this might be changing….


It could of course still mean nothing, so this is just a rumour for now, but it seems to me a logical step in the very right direction. Expect a growing number of smaller games to be announced for the eShop in the coming months.

Source: Twitter, Pure Nintendo

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