Nintendo to offer 32GB SD card streaming

setupsdinsertNintendo, slow to start and downright stubborn when it came to the “how the hell do I store more than five games on my Wii” game, is now set to offer support for 32GB SD cards when Guitar Hero 5 arrives later this year. Welcome to the present, Nintendo!

But seriously, this is good news, as game data will soon stream seamlessly from SD card to console, meaning things like this are entirely possible:

All the tricks used for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the past ”“ leaving internal memory open”“ is gone. Instead, straight-up booting off the SD card is available, and that means easier downloads, larger expansions, and quicker loads when bringing in song data from the SD card into GH5.

Dare I say it: While not the best of breed in this category, Nintendo no longer has the worst storage set up among the big three.