Nintendo Switch Accessory Pricing

Nintendo Switch Accessory Pricing

The Nintendo Switch, for the most part, has finally been completely revealed. We learned price ($300), we learned  launch date (March 3), and we learned that we had better start saving now because accessories are going to be real expensive.

Not that that stopped me from going out and pre-ordering a console immediately.


Here is a breakdown of all the items that are included in the $299.99 box:

  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Joy-Con (L) & (R)
  • Joy-Con (L) & (R) Wrist Straps
  • Joy-Con Grip (non-charging)
  • HDMI Cable
  • AC Adapter


Now let’s look at the retail price of the Nintendo Switch accessories included in the box:

  • Joy-Con (L) & (R) + wrist straps – $79.99
  • Nintendo Switch Dock Set – $89.99
  • Joy-Con Charging Grip – $29.99

Assuming one would want to add an additional Joy-Con (L) & (R) for multiplayer, a Joy-Con Charging Grip (the non-charging version does not appear on Nintendo’s website for purchase), and an additional Nintendo Switch Dock, the retail price has already reached $199.97 in accessories alone.

Am I crazy for considering purchasing two Nintendo Switch consoles In lieu of buying the additional accessories individually? For $100 more, I will have all the additional accessories required for multiplayer, plus the added bonus of having two consoles for two screen multiplayer options.

But $600 is a tough pill to swallow. Lucky there’s William Hill’s amazing bingo bonuses to help. If I’m not able to afford the Switch at launch, at least I will be having fun playing bingo.Much like playing Nintendo games, bingo provides the thrill of victory with the added bonus of making some extra cash.

Regardless, I think I’m going to be saving with the thought that I will be spending $600 on March 3, not $300.

Wait, what games am I going to play at that price? Either the Nintendo Switch menu GUI better be as fun as Breath of the Wild, or I REALLY better start saving.