Console war over: Pokemon to remain an exclusive

Pokemon!The PS3 and the Xbox 360’s incessant infighting over exclusivity and which must-have titles are going to be multiplatform or not just became even more irrelevant to Nintendo’s global domination strategy than ever before. Why? Because Next Generation is reporting that Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO the Pokémon Company, has predicted that Nintendo will win the hardware war based on sales of its Pokémon franchise, which he says won’t be going multiplatform.

“The hardware which has Pokémon on it will be the winner,” Ishihara said.

BOO-YA. Take that, other game console companies, because the Poke-master has spoken!

On a more serious note, I’ll argue that a system that has Pokemon will do very well indeed, but it by no means seals the deal. To do that you need Dogz.