Is Modern Warfare coming to Wii? Update: No.


UPDATE: Reporting from an Event in NYC, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo wrote the following:

I asked about whether there would be a Call of Duty brand property or a Modern Warfare for Wii this year ’ given the million-plus sales of 2008’s CoD: World At War on the Wii. An Activision rep in attendance confirmed that there are no plans for MW2 to come to Nintendo’s system.

Follow the break for Infendo’s original article regarding MW2 Wii rumors and Australian pre-orders.

It could be a mistake riding Internet rumor, but Australian retailer JB Hifi is now selling pre-orders for a Wii version of Modern Warfare 2.  According to Australian game store employee “VOOK” on the NeoGaf forums, it’s on his store’s official release list, one they received from Activision.

I just double checked and my official release list actually does list Wii for Modern Warfare 2… the Aussie list that is. From Activision themselves, but no other retailers including JB have it on their site.

Activision had yet to comment on these rumors, but a Wii version of the game would be little surprise after the company declared Modern Warfare 2 to be the “biggest entertainment launch of all time.“  More on this story as, and if, it develops.

[via Nintendo Everything]