Nintendo statment on Mario Kart 64 glitch: Get over it

Nintendo goofed on the Virtual Console version of Mario Kart 64 and has decided to tell people who have already purchased it to go take a hike.

From Nintendo:

“Due to unavoidable technical reasons unfortunately it is not possible to save ghost data from Mario Kart 64’s Time Trials in the Virtual Console version of the game,” reads the statement issued to Pro-G.

Nintendo has “placed messages advising users about this before they download the game both when the Wii Shop Channel is first accessed and in the More Details tab on the individual game page.”

I know nothing of emulation and N64 titles, so maybe there just isn’t a firmware fix for this. However, they could stop selling it altogether, take it off line and fix it, couldn’t they? And how ’bout a refund Ninty, huh?

[Thanks, Dave]