Extra Dance Pad

Mario Mix Dance PadDance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is a blast by itself, but my copy of the game is just dying to break out into a two-player dance off. No need to shell out for another copy of the game just to get your second dance pad; the Nintendo Online Store has extra dance pads for $19.99. Turns out there was a reason I couldn’t find it in the store, it’s only available online.

[Source: IGN Nov. 14 Mailbag]


  1. Availible to Canada too! $23.50 CDN
    I may have to ask for DDR for my Birthday gift.
    Thank you for the link.

  2. To bad nobody told me the day it came out, I had to buy two copies… But no worries, I had just bought over 20 games on sale at Toys-R-Us for 15$Can each, so from these a few went back to EB (’cause they weren’t all good) and I got both of them for free! : )

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